12 Best Legit Ways to Get Paid to Surf Web

Really, is it possible to get paid to surf the web? Yes, it is.

I know, You will not believe but there are several ways to make money online, and getting paid to surf the web is just one of them.

The Internet is available everywhere and we also keep it in our pockets. We used to surf the web almost every day. Because, we have developed the habit of checking emails, social media feeds, stories, uploading pics, watching videos, playing games, and so on. 

Well, surprisingly, There are plenty of companies that pay you for the same work that you do in daily life. So why not, get paid and earn some extra money?

Frankly speaking, You are not going to get rich with this online work. But it can give you some extra financial space. And if you are getting paid for the same work that you do all day, then it’s better to monetize your regular habit. 

In this article, I am going to share the best and most realistic way to get paid for surfing the web. And the reason, You should consider these jobs is because it takes no effort and gives you money.

Get Paid to Surf Web Job is Legit or Scam?

When I started, the same question was in my mind. But after working for a few months, I know that there are only a few companies that are legit. And yes, on the internet scams are everywhere in every field.

That’s why I am here to tell you about those companies that are legit and I have already worked for them.

Why do these companies pay for surfing the web?

Actually, companies always want to deliver the best products and services to their customers. For that, they need data and close observation of their customer. So they pay us to just understand our behavior and needs by just asking a few questions, showing ads, surveys, videos, and so on.

12 Legit Websites to Get Paid to Surf the Internet

Below, I have listed some legit websites that really pay you money for just surfing the web and completing some tasks for them. Just take a look and decide which one is best for you.

1. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a very legit company that has been working since 2000 and is also an A+ rated company. It pays for everyday activities on its platform and there are several online jobs available for you.

The best and simplest work is the InboxDollar search engine. Whatever activity you will perform with its search engine, the company will pay you cash in return.

You can also perform other activities like answering the quiz, watching ads, watching your favorite TV show, playing games, shopping online, answering the survey, and many more.

Whatever money you’ll earn from these tasks, You can redeem it in the form of a check and a gift card or also Paypal. 

The best part, It gives you a $5 Sign-up Bonus.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular websites that are famous for getting paid to surf the web activities. Here, you can perform several tasks like playing games, completing surveys, searching online, watching videos, and more.

But, the best one is, searching through the Swagbucks search bar. Just make it your primary search bar and search anything using this instead of Google. It will give the same result and also give you extra SB points for each search. It is a very effective way to maximize your Swagbucks earnings.

Whatever the SB points you will earn here, You can redeem them in the form of Amazon, Starbucks, or PayPal gift cards. 

It is free to sign up and you’ll also get a $5 sign-up bonus.

3. Qmee

Qmee offers the best get-paid-to-surf web jobs. Because it also works as a search browser just like Google, Bing. But the best part is that it pays you for every search.

You only have to sign up and install its extension in your Chrome browser. Whenever you perform any search on Google it will also show a similar result in the sidebar. If you click on Qmee results then it will pay you some cents. There are also several ads and products that will be available on the sidebar, just click on that and get paid.

There is no limit to performing the search. Other than searching, you can also complete surveys and get rewards. You will earn Qmee points and redeem them via gift cards or cash through PayPal.

4. ClickWorker

ClickWorker is also on the list of getting paid to surf web websites. Because, most of the work listed here is based on research like surveys, proofreading, filling forms, collecting data, and other mini-works also available.

The best part is that you will be your own boss and choose your time to work from home. Your earnings depend on your regular activity and the difficulty of tasks. There is no limit to work. So many click workers earn $10/hour daily.

It doesn’t pay you much money but it can give you some extra cash to pay your bills.

5. Nielsen Digital Voice

Nielsen is a Famous company that performs TV ratings and analyzes television viewer’s preferences. So if you want to give feedback to your favorite TV network and get paid, the Nielsen Digital Voice app is the best platform for you.

You have to download the Nielsen Digital Voice App on your mobile and share your opinion about TV networks. You can also earn by just watching videos, playing games, and posting on social media. 

You will earn all points in sweepstakes and redeem them under $ 10,000 monthly giveaways. And if you are lucky enough then get a chance to win $1000 every month by just surfing the web.

6. MobileXpression

MobileXpression is basically a mobile app that pays you for nothing. It means you don’t have to perform any activity. Just download this app on your mobile and perform other tasks as you do regularly.

Only you have to allow this company to access your browsing data. It keeps your data safe and performs research based on your browsing data. And pay you points to just keep this app active on your mobile.

They pay you 5 points for one week if the app is constantly active. Once you have collected 30 points in your account then you can redeem it in a gift card worth $5. And For 50 points $10 gift cards.

This app is the best way to earn some extra money by just doing nothing.

7. LeapForce

If you are a little bit familiar with internet research then you can Join as a LeapForce Agent and help them to make the internet a better place for customers. 

LeapForce’s main work is to conduct research for companies and help them understand the needs of customers so that they can provide a better result. And they pay you hourly to just perform research for them.

To be a LeapForce Agent, You must be over 18 years old and should have a laptop high-speed internet, and the best antivirus software. They will take a qualification test which you have to pass to join. 

8. Appen

Appen also provides work based on research. Where you can get projects for social media evaluators and also perform search engine research for various websites. 

To join as an Appen Agent, you should only have a laptop, high-speed internet, and strong knowledge about social media, search engines, and technology. You can get projects in a multilingual language and expect a workload of anywhere near four hours. An Appen agent earns between $12 to $15.

9. Figure Eight

Figure Eight also offers research-type tasks and some small micro-tasks to complete. It’s a task based on just googling and collecting data and filling in the given form. Or just draw a circle on the right product. It’s best for those who want to just work one hour and earn some extra cents. But if you are a researcher then you can also get high-valued projects and earn more. Your earning varies depending on the nature of the task.

10. UpVoice

UpVoice is the best website for getting paid to surf the web. If you want to earn money by just checking social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn then UpVoice is the best Platform for you. 

Simply Sign Up on this website and install the Chrome browser. Whenever you visit a popular website it will track your records and reward points for that. The earned points can be withdrawn in the form of gift cards.

11. Microsoft Rewards

Just Like Google, Microsoft has its own search engine, called Bing. But Microsoft pays you rewards for using its search engine and other products. 

You simply have to register on this website and perform a search. It will pay you in points. Once you reach 5000 points you can redeem a $5 gift card for movies, shopping, games, and retail stores.

It doesn’t give you so much money but it is best and legit for getting paid to surf the web. So that, You can monetize your free time or even your searches. 

12. Brave Browser

Just like Chrome, and Mozilla, Edge Brave is also a browser. But it pays for just surfing the web.

Brave is a very powerful browser and it is developed on Blockchain technology. And it rewarded its users for using browsers and content creators with Brave Attention Token (BAT). You can simply earn from Ads you watch through a brave browser and the search you perform. 

You can earn $5 in a month and $7 per referral. It’s not much money but it can monetize your browsing time. Brave is the safest browser so that your all data is safe online. 


Getting paid to surf the web is the best and very simple way to earn some extra money online. Other than this there is so much online work you can do and earn money. The main thing is, whether you do an online job or offline, just create an extra source of income for yourself that can give you financial freedom and you can enjoy your life to its fullest.

Because we have only one life and we can just spend it surviving through 9 to 5 jobs.

I hope you like this article, so please don’t forget to share and comment below your opinion. We would love to hear from you.

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