10 Best Sites to Get Paid to Read Books

Yeah, You read it right. You can get paid to read books but I know it is hard to believe for you. 

But, In this article, I am going to tell you about 12 legit websites that will pay you for just reading books.

But you have a question in your mind. 

Why do these websites pay you only for reading books?

The Answer is Very simple, They will pay you because there are so many book publishers and authors who want to sell audio formats of books for those who don’t have time to read. They only prefer to listen to podcasts. So it is basically a transcription job but I will only explain about those websites that pay for book reading.

To be honest, These websites are not going to make you so rich but they can be the best way to monetize your reading habit and earn some extra money to increase your financial space for your extra expenses. It doesn’t cost any money, it just needs your free time.

To start my online business, I work on several websites for financial support and here I am sharing some of my best collections which actually paid me for reading books.

So let’s start earning.

Legit Websites to Get Paid to Read Books Online

Before starting this reading job, make sure you have a good audio recorder, A laptop, a fast internet connection, and be fluent in English or your preferred language and your speaking accent must be clear and aloud.

ACX (Audio Creative Exchange)

ACX is one of the most popular websites which comes under the trademark of Amazon. This website allows you to read books aloud and it sells your audiobook through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Here you can join as an Author, Author who narrates, and narrator. Simply log in to your Amazon website to start your reading job on ACX and it will populate your all details through Amazon automatically. To be selected as a narrator, upload a very high-quality audio sample, and based on that they will hire you to work.

You can earn up to $25 to $75 through Royalty, No,-exclusive royalty, Your own cost, Bounty, and referral program. This is the best and legit website to get paid to read books.

Kirkus Media

Kirkus media doesn’t ask you to read the books. They want you to write an honest review in 350 words in only two weeks. Only English and Spanish language reviewers are allowed to work for them.

You can apply for book reviewers by just submitting your resume and a writing sample to a given email on their website. After that, they will invite you to write if you will be eligible. 

The Voices

The voice is the platform where you can work as a voice-over artist. But for joining you have to purchase the basic or premium membership. After that, you have to upload your voice sample. If your voice is good enough and matches with client requirements then you can approach the clients and work for them. The best part, they give a very good hourly rate for voice-over.

Any Subject Book

Any Subject Book website hires readers with their choice. It means if you love romance and love genres then you can’t read war and fiction books. The simple approach is to enjoy the work and be productive for them. 

Right now they are not hiring any reviewers but you can check back later.

Book Browse

Book browse is a US-based book review company. But they also offered book reviews from outside the US also. So if you want to work from outside of the US then the publisher can send you an ebook. 

To work with Book Browse, You have to write an honest book review in just 300 words. Send them your sample review and they will check the quality of your review and hire you. They generally provide books to review on adult fiction, non-fiction, and young adults. Reviewers can write one book review per month.

Reedsy Discoveries

Reedsy is the best place to find indie books and gives all book reviewers the best chance to read books before they are published. It means you will be the first one to read the books. You can browse and pick any one book that you like on this platform. And if you have built your brand then any author can directly contact you to review their book before it is published.

To join as a book reviewer, you can fill up a simple form and after getting selected you can start reviewing books based on your interest. You can find thousands of books on their shelves. The best part is that you can earn extra money with tips. Because your reviewer can give you a tip anywhere between $1 to $5 based on your quality.

Online Book Club

Online Book Club pays you $5 to $60 per review. It is a very honest and transparent website in all of the other websites. Because they clearly tell you to write a review of whatever you feel after reading. It can be both positive and negative. You can criticize the book and still get paid.

The process is very simple, Just sign up and get selected. Then select your book and start writing your honest review after reading. For the first review, they give you a free book. After that, you will get paid for each honest book review.

US reviews of books

US reviews of books known for professional reviewers. It is an organization that invites reviewers from all over the world but you can join this platform with reference.

They only need 250 to 300-word reviews of books and they should be professional and high quality. You can get paid by reading books monthly on this platform.

To join this website, you have to submit your resume, sample work, and references through email. The rest of the information you can check on the website.


I hope you are well aware of this freelancing platform which provides all types of freelancing work in almost every field. You can also find reading book jobs here on this platform and apply. The lowest payment on this platform is $5. So browse Upwork and start your book-reading job within a minute.

Moody Press

Moody Press basically wants you to write an honest review about a book on your own website or blog. They won’t pay you anything but you can review books for free publish them on your website and earn money through Ads and Affiliate commissions by selling books.

After applying on this website, when you get selected as a reviewer. They will post that book within seven days through the US postal service. Once you finish reading a book, You have to write an honest review about the book and then return to them.


Netgalley is the best platform for the book reviewer community. It basically connects everyone like authors, publishers, librarians, students, bloggers, booksellers, and media professionals to its platform. Here the author or publisher gives the soft copy of the book before publishing. You are the first one who grabs the opportunity to read those books first write an honest review and then get paid to read them.

Women’s Book Review of Book

This is a website that is women-centric. It means here all books are all about women and are also written by women. So if you love to read any type of genre like fictional, romantic, drama, thriller you can review books easily on this platform.

Just create your account and submit your sample which should be gender-focused. After selection, you can start writing a book review. You will get paid $100 per book review on this website. It is the best website to get paid to read books.


So if you are a book reader and interested in writing your honest opinion, then you can get paid to read a book. You can monetize your reading habits and earn some extra money.

There are plenty of companies out there who pay you for reading books. So if you also want to join then start with anyone which you find best suitable for you. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and it will help you to give some valuable information. 

If you also have any information about any website or company that pays for reading books then please let us know in the comment section below. We love to hear from you.

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