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YouTube Vanced APK Official Download

The modded app, YouTube Vanced lets you enjoy Ad Blocking and dark theme features. YouTube Vanced Mod APK contains YouTube with advanced features like Dark Theme, Ad Blocking, Background Playback, Uninterrupted Streaming, and many more.

YouTube comes with its own shortcomings:

  • Today it has tons of ads as compared to only a year or two ago
  • A very important feature: YouTube Background Playback is only available to Premium users
  • A lot of people want to enjoy HDR mode on their smartphones, but then all phones do not support YouTube app HDR
  • And a mother lode of other issues
  • What if there was an app or something that could allow us to bask in the leisure and pleasure of YouTube without demanding too much?

Well, guess what? That’s what YouTube Vanced actually is – and this post has got everything that you’d ever need to know about YouTube Vanced APK.

YouTube Vanced APK is the modded version of the world’s favorite and biggest video website YouTube. Whether it is to watch informational videos, play music or even stream live, YouTube is everyone’s favorite! With YouTube Vanced, you can enjoy advanced features of YouTube like a dark theme, and background playback i.e, you can enjoy using other apps on your phone with YouTube, uninterrupted YouTube video experience, and lot more. If Facebook is the king of social media sites, YouTube is the queen of streaming sites.

Why do people want to root their smart devices?

Because we’re never happy with what limited control we get … we want to install custom mods, access to full phone automation, tweak battery life and speed, block the ads on any or all apps, install full ROMs …. and the list is long.

YouTube Vanced Mod APK; is also termed as iYTBP (injected YouTube Background Playback) was initially programmed, developed, and launched by Master_T, a senior developer on XDA forums who have closed this project while few other programmers and developers have taken that project and renamed it as “Vanced”. Now the Team Vanced (@Razerman @ZaneZam @Laura almeida and @KevinX8) continues it with official YouTube app updates.

If the former version of Vanced APK came into existence because of injecting Xposed Framework into YT, we all want to know more about the framework itself.

Do you know anything about rooting? Yes, the process that turned the vanilla OS of a smartphone into a plethora of options and features …


YouTube Vanced Mod APK; is also termed as iYTBP (injected YouTube Background Playback) was initially programmed, developed, and launched by Master_T, a senior developer on XDA forums who has closed this project while few other programmers and developers have taken that project and renamed it as “Vanced”. Now the Team Vanced (@Razerman @ZaneZam @Laura almeida and @KevinX8) continuing it with official YouTube app updates.

If the former version of Vanced APK came into existence because of injecting Xposed Framework into YT, we all want to know more about the framework itself.

Do you know anything about rooting? Yes, the process that turned the vanilla OS of a smartphone into a plethora of options and features …

With rooting comes the risks unknown … Android is already not as anal-retentive (sorry, but I feel so) as iOS is … taking away whatever little simplicity, protection, and reliability one can enjoy with the vanilla Android is a risky decision.

This is not everyone’s cup of tea and Xposed Framework made it everyone’s cup of tea; it ensures that you enjoy all the perks of rooting without having to access mods and custom ROMs.

It comes with a lot of modules, it is easy to install and you enjoy everything that you did via flashing a custom ROM and stuff, without having to do the same.

It’s like accessing the deep and dark web without having to worry about the monsters that live there and that can come following you.

So, in simple words, the contributor who started this project, was inspired by this framework, he injected Xposed Framework into YouTube and at that time all he wanted to do was enable YT background playback, but there were compatibility issues with Android Nougat (the then latest Android version).

The contributor left the project as it is and then the new team renamed it to YouTube Vanced, made it compatible with the most recent Android versions, and most importantly, added many other features – hence the change in the name.

What is YouTube Vanced Mod APK? 

YouTube Vanced is an APK … it is not an app. What’s the difference between an APK and APP, you might want to know?

An app is something that is not only available across all smartphone platforms, while an APK (Android Application Package), is only for Android phones … as the name suggests.

So, YouTube Vanced (initially known as iYTBP = injected YouTube Background Playback) was developed by a senior contributor on XDA forums and then that person discontinued the product, which was then adopted by a group of developers who not only added more exciting features (other than YT Background Playback), but also changed the name to YouTube Vanced.

YouTube Vanced Mod APK was developed by injecting Xposed Framework into YouTube … the module then blocked all the ads and provided a base for the new modded version that we know as YouTube Vanced. 

The then version had some problems with the then-latest Android version: Nougat, so a new and advanced APK was required to overcome those problems and the developers’ team moved mountains to add many new features and make the APK work with the latest Android versions.

 YouTube Vanced Features 

The YouTube Vanced Mod APK is superior to the original YouTube app in various different ways.

It is sleeker; more advanced and has more options. Some of the reasons you should choose the mod APK version of YouTube are as follows:

  • The biggest complaint people make about YouTube is that it does not offer background playback. With YouTube Vanced, you can play music on YouTube in the background while happily enjoying the other features of your phone!
  • No more ads! YouTube Vanced blocks all of them for you automatically.
  • It offers you swipe controls when it comes to volume and brightness options.
  • No matter which device you have, it offers you a pinch-to-zoom option.
  • It chooses your preferred theme colors and remembers them for next time.
  • Now you don’t have to replay a video over and over manually. YouTube Vanced gives you the option to loop your videos automatically if you desire.
  • It has a togglable casting feature that you can turn on or off as you, please.
  • It plays videos in the maximum resolution to give you a crystal clear view but this option can also be overridden if it isn’t to your liking.
  • You can choose your video window to be either in the classic YouTube style or the new one.
  • People with androids that have Oreo can have PiP.
  • There’s even a sleeker new logo to go with it!

The YouTube Vanced Mod APK 

Those who complain about YouTube’s certain shortcomings should rejoice! For, this modified version of the YouTube app is here to solve all your woes!

This wonderful new app is not to be confused with YouTube Premium which is an entirely different thing in itself.

The YouTube Mod APK has many upgraded features of the original YouTube app and takes up less space! It is the best alternative to the YouTube app itself.

Vanced extended features:

Toggleable Block All Ads 

You can choose whether or not to block all ads on YouTube and you’d be able to enjoy all the videos and lists that you love without having to skip or wait for the annoying ads.

You can tweak this by toggling the settings and have a no-strings-attached-and-no-ads-displayed YouTube app on your Android smartphone.

Background Playback

Oh yeah …

This is the reason why we know YouTube Vanced at all, and why the inventor of the former version felt a need for developing an APK.

Let’s just say that to some people it is the best feature of this APK because unlike ads thing (that you can skip), there was no way for the freeloaders to enjoy YouTube Background Playback – which they can now do.

So, what is YouTube Background Playback?

Well, it is a feature of YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red). With this feature available, you can play the video in the background while you can exit from the YouTube app and do other things on your smartphone.

If you love a music list on YouTube, you can just play that, let the screen go off, get busy with whatever you’re doing (working, workout, dining etc.), and the music will never end as long as your mobile phone is connected to the internet and the battery isn’t dead.

Now you know how awesome it can be to be able to use YT Background Playback without having to use the premium version.

When you download the APK, you see that the Playback option is “Always on” by default. 

Forced VP9 or HDR

Technical terms again …

Let us define both of them one by one:

VP9 – With the advent of digital cameras, now we see small vlogging cameras made by companies like Sony and others … and irrespective of their small size they are capable of making 4K videos with 30-60 fps. Now, if YouTube stored and played the video as they are, it would have taken a lot of time. VP9, a video codec technology, sort of compresses the size of the video to make sure that while you enjoy 4K results, you do not have to wait a lot for such a video to load. This feature is not enabled on all devices.

HDR – Now imagine if you used a substandard camera for making a video … YouTube’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature improves video quality. It expands the contrast ratio and color palette to give the viewers a realistic and natural image. This feature is also not available on all devices.

The smartphone devices, whose users can see the HDR options or enjoy VP9 are limited. For example, Samsung flagship phones have this option, but other phones from other companies might not have it.

YouTube Vanced takes away this worry from you … it comes with Force HDR or VP9 options. Irrespective of your device (a cheap China-made phone?), force HDR or VP9 on YouTube and enjoy your life.

Override Maximal Resolution

In the case of old Android devices or those made by small brands, you can notice that even 4K videos cannot be played at the maximum available resolution.

Your options are limited because YouTube does not support its maximum resolution on your smartphone.

In this case, YouTube Vanced’s maximal resolution override features come in handy; having this feature enabled, you can see YT videos in resolutions that were primarily disabled on your device.

Pinch to Zoom

There is this wonderful feature that is enabled on devices like Samsung Galaxy advanced versions – while watching a video, you just pinch to zoom (just like we do to an Instagram photo), and the video spans from one end of the display to the other end. You enjoy a full-screen display of the same video with this simple gesture.

Unfortunately, it is not available on all devices, and having YouTube Vanced on your side, you can force this feature on any Android device with any aspect ratio.

Casting Togglable

Made any sense? I bet not.

Let me explain – we all love togglable options on our smartphones. They make it easy for us to choose between two choices about one action – swipe left to right or right to left to enable or disable an option.

Google Cast is a proprietary protocol made for devices that run on this protocol e.g. Google Chromecast. In simple words, this protocol enabled your mobile devices to initiate and control the playback of video or audio content (from the internet e.g. YouTube), that you enjoy using compatible devices like Chromecast.

The Cast Button is toggleable and you can toggle it off even when you have casting devices near you.

Toggle Themes

Well, this is not really an important feature, but then all of us love to personalize our devices, apps, software, etc.

At the moment, I’m typing on MS Word 2019, but instead of using the default white theme, I’m using a dark/black theme.

Being able to make choices makes everyone happy. So do know that with YouTube Vanced, you can have a black, dark, or white theme for your YouTube app – which by default does not have a dark theme.

Amazing, isn’t it?

PIP – Picture in Picture Video Mode

PIP or Picture in Picture mode was the beauty that Android Oreo (8.0) introduced to the world. It lets a user have two windows on the screen. So, you can watch a video in a small window and then use another window on the same screen for other tasks. This helps people with multi-tasking e.g. taking notes from YouTube videos.

If you have Vanced on an Oreo or Pie device, you can use the PIP mode just like you’d use with a YouTube app without Vanced.


There is another option related to picture-in-picture, but not to the Android PIP feature. You know that when in the YouTube app when you minimize a video, a small window shows up with the same video giving you a last chance to restore the video before you finally swipe it away.

Well, if you do not like this feature – Vanced will let you choose between the old style (without this feature) or the new one.

Auto Repeat

At times you want to repeat a video again and again, especially if it is a favorite song’s video. Now you can do this with YouTube Vanced.

The auto-repeat feature repeats the video again and again until the user wants to leave the window – whether it is a music video or movie clip, just play it for once and enjoy the auto-repeat feature.

Preferred Speed & Resolution

If there is a preferred resolution that you want all videos to play in by default, you can choose that by toggling on the resolution checks option and then selecting the resolution that you’d want to apply to all YouTube videos.

The preferred video speed is Auto by default, but in one of the rare cases where you want to hear a video at a slow pace (video transcription guys can relate), you can choose a slow speed or fast as per the case.

Swipe Controls for Volume & Brightness

Apart from all the features that I have discussed at length here, there is the ease of use features … simple features that one needs in everyday video surfing. These features include but are not limited to volume and brightness swipe controls.

With a swift move of your finger, while you’re watching a video in full screen, you can increase or decrease the brightness and/or volume.

How to download YouTube Vanced Mod APK 

You can download YouTube Vanced from their original website. The APK files will be downloaded on your phone and after that, it’s a simple matter of installing it.

YouTube vanced is a modded version of youtube for android users along with many wonderful features that one could only dream of. This is available for both root and non-root devices. Root devices are those in which smartphones, tablets, and other devices users are allowed to run the Android mobile operating system and are able to acquire the entitlement of control over many other Android subsystems. 

Moreover, you will be shocked to know that vanced apk version of youtube is FREE.

Why we need YouTube vanced 

Around 1,300,000,000 people in the world are using YouTube for many reasons such as entertainment, technology, knowledge, etc. Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded and almost 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. But there were many things in traditional YouTube that people always think like if it contains some additional feature then we can enjoy more. So, we needed YouTube vanced for more entertainment of the YouTube audience.  

Block ads:

This was a big hurdle in watching a video where there is so much advertisement. But now simply go to settings and then on ads block. After this setting, you will be unable to watch ads. It reduced the time and increase more interest of people.

Background Playback:

Now you don’t need to stay on the application during watching any video. You can go back. Your video will be continued to play and the sound will be as clear as it is on the app. 

Auto Repeat:

With a simple setting you can on the repeat mode on and your video will play again automatically instead of clicking on the play button again and again.

Pinch To Zoom:

I am sure you will love this feature. You can room any video on Vanced apk. It is as simple as zooming pictures on the phone.

Toggle Themes:

You have three colors of youtube theme now. There are white, dark, and black. Use color as per your choice and enjoy!

Swipe Controls:

You have swipe control over the video. Increase and decrease the volume of the video by swiping up and down on the right side while increasing and decreasing the brightness by swiping up and down on the left side of the video. It is really an easy-to-access feature.


You are able to override maximal resolution on youtube vanced apk. 

4K videos: 

You are able to watch a 4k video that is not available in the official youtube app.

Force VP9:

When you enable VP9 from the setting then it enhances the video quality. 

Preferred Speed:

No matter whether you are connected with mobile data or WiFi. The resolution speed for all videos will remain the same.

PIP Mode:

Now you can perform more than one action during using this version. You can go back and can use other applications on your phone while your video will be playing as before. This method is known as Picture in Picture mode. 

YouTube Vanced APK Download Instructions 

In this section, the last section before a few FAQs, we will discover everything about installing Vanced APK.

What’s Not Included?

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP), is a powerful tool that you install when you root your phone and which is used for a custom recovery.

It enables you to do everything that people need after rooting – which includes major OS hacks, tweaks, flashing ROMs, etc.

This is not included in the file that you get after downloading this APK – remember that you need to arrange this before you install YouTube Vanced on your rooted cell phone.

Remember, Vanced does not have a video download option – when you download YouTube Vanced. This means you cannot enjoy offline playback.

How to Install YouTube Vanced on Non-Rooted Devices?

If you have a non-rooted device you can still install YouTube Vanced. From the Non-root device download page, you can get a suitable APK file (compatible with your device) and just install the APK normally.

And if you want to use “Vanced” YouTube app and you want to be able to use it while logged in from your Google account, you will also need MicroG package from download links.

For all downloads, rooted or not, you can take a look at this page and understand what to do next.

However, since I’m explaining this here, let me also explain the brief process of installing Vanced on rooted devices.

Find the TWRP or alternative custom recovery that your rooted device has and flash Vanced installer with help of that. Then it would be easy to follow step by step process.

For both: the rooted device installation and installation on a non-rooted device, you do not need to subsequently install detach script with any new updates.

How to Install

  • Uninstall all updates of the official YouTube app if you didn’t already and are unable auto-update.
  • Now download MicroG application, enable unknown sources, and install the app. (With this app you get rid of login problems in YouTube vanced)
  • Download YouTube vanced and install simple just like other applications for APK.
  • Login to your account and select the theme color of your choice.
  • You can change the setting to watch anything of your choice without advertisements.
  • Also can change the background color from the setting.
  • You can change the download setting also.

Known Bugs and issues with Vanced 

Like any tool, Vanced was also made by developers and it can be buggy. And as tradition dictates, developers mostly fail to identify the bugs in their software – so here are a few bugs that people and other developers noticed in YouTube Vanced.

  • You cannot use the Vanced-ified YouTube app to do buying – this will cause a crash. It might be because of the Micro G or perhaps because of TWRP. However, to keep your credit card information safe and secure, it is better to not use Vanced app for buying.
  • A more worrying bug (because it is linked to the audio/visual quality of the videos), is that preferred speed and quality settings do not apply to the lists. 
  • As per the reports, ExoPlayer (a customizable app-level media player that is replaced with Android’s stock MediaPlayer API) has been crashing on some devices when the user exits from background playback.

What is the normal color of Vanced APK?

You can see that white color is there in the color options – either let it be your APK’s color or choose a different color. For nighttime, you can pick an alternate theme. Black and white are the themes that you can choose from.

Can I install it like all other APKs?

On a non-rooted device, you can install it like a normal APK, but to download it on a rooted device, there is a lengthy procedure that has been explained previously.

What about the video download feature?

Unfortunately, at this time, Vanced is not offering any such features. However, there is a YouTube offline video feature that is available to a limited number of countries. So far, YouTube has allowed this feature to 125 countries.

Why YouTube app is not visible in the app drawer?

There have been such complaints from many Oreo users and it most probably occurs because their Magisk manager is not up to date.

Will crop to fit feature work on Samsung Galaxy devices?

Crop to fit is similar to pinch to zoom feature – the former is available in rooted Galaxy smartphones such as S8 and S8+, but it is not available for non-rooted versions of APK. In that case pinch-to-zoom can be used to compensate unavailability of the crop-to-fit feature.

How to keep my watch history intact?

Because of MicroG, watch history might not be available on the non-root version. Make sure that you whitelist in Vanced adblocker, and make sure that your Google/Gmail account is logged in.

Are there any limitations to PIP mode?

Picture in Picture works perfectly fine with YouTube Vanced; just make sure that your Android version is Oreo or later (which is Pie).

If you love the internet, if you love endless video streaming, and if you love freedom – most importantly, if you love YouTube’s Premium features, you’d love the smart solution provided by YouTube Vanced

As for your device’s safety and privacy, do not worry because you’d still be using a real YouTube app – only with injected features and subject to the Xposed module’s background playback feature.

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