10 Easy Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

Have you ever heard that you can make money with your smartphone? I hope so. 

Because today everyone has a smartphone and there are millions of information about making money online on the internet. Some of them are legit and most of them are just a waste of information, they just kill your time. 

It’s very hard to choose a legit way to make some extra cash using a digital platform. But worry not, I am here to help you with a super legit way that I personally use to make online cash.

If you also waste your most of time just scrolling through your social media feed then use these tips and make your fingertips valuable for you and put some extra cash in your pocket.

In this post, I will share 10 Super Easy ways to make money with your smartphone. You only have to spend some time daily and work continuously. If you can do that then I will give you a guarantee that your financial space will increase every month exponentially.

10 Easy Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

To make money with a smartphone, you only have an internet connection on your mobile and a smartphone. Let me reveal the truth. It will not make you a millionaire in a night. You have to invest your time and work continuously then you can start seeing some results. And if you will continue forever then some of the ideas can make you a millionaire also by just working with mobile.

1. Create Youtube Channel 

My major source of income is my YouTube channel. It is very simple work to start a youtube channel on your mobile. And continuous work can make you a millionaire also. You can search about those people who made millions in a month on YouTube.

If you have any skills or you can provide any information regarding any topic or category then just start a youtube channel and record your video using mobile. You can edit videos from mobile and upload them on YouTube. After Completing the monetization criteria you will start making money from youtube. It’s the simplest way to make money from your smartphone.

2. Sell Your Old Stuff

Your smartphone is the best way to sell your old stuff and make some extra cash. There are so many websites and apps like Sell Your Stuff, EasySell, Decluttr, Poshmark, letgo, and others where you can sell old Tech stuff, fashion, clothes, home decor, beauty, and so many other products easily at a high profit.

Just make a simple list of your all old stuff and then start selling using these apps. Even you can make a Facebook shop page and list your all items with your own fixed price and then run Facebook ads and make money from your smartphone easily. You can also trade your old Stuff on Amazon and earn a good income.

3. Fill Out Surveys

If you are simply wasting your time scrolling your social media feed then this fill-out surveys option is the best way to replace that habit and make some extra money from mobile. It will not make you rich but gives you some extra financial space to enjoy your life.

There are so many websites like Swagbucks, ySense, Inboxdollars, Ibotta, Neobux, and so many others. You can simply register on these websites and start filling out the available surveys and make some quick cash in just a few hours.

4. Start a Blog

No, starting a blog doesn’t need a laptop or PC. You can simply start your Free blog from Mobile and write articles there. Once you get approved by Google then you can earn money by showing ads on your website. Other than Ads, You can earn money by promoting affiliate products, writing sponsored posts, Selling Digital Courses, and so on.

Blogging has the potential to make millions of dollars in a month. But it needs consistent work and lots of time and perfect skill. So if you can learn to blog and start it from mobile only then you can simply make money from your smartphone by just sitting at your home. 

5. Run a Shopify Dropshipping Store

You can set up a Shopify store by just using your mobile and earn money by drop shipping. Shopify gives you a free domain to open an online store where you can list other products with your margin and also list your own product and sell to the world and earn a very good income. You can become a millionaire if you learn how to scale up your online store. It is a very easy business just set up your online storefront and start earning cash from home without your own product.

6. Sell Your Photos Online 

Everyone loves snapping these days because of the handy smartphone. It’s very simple to work. Daily you visit your locality or sometimes you go on vacation or wherever you are just click a perfect snap and just upload it to stock websites. There are so many stock websites like Shutterstock, stock, Getty Images, and others where you can sell your photos for a minimum of $5 and earn a good income. Here you just have to upload photos and forget, No need to place advertisements. This is the best and very simple way to earn money online.

7. Earn Money By Playing Games

If you have a smartphone then of course you use it for playing games. But do you really know that you can earn money or rewards by just playing games on your mobile? I know you will not believe it but there are so many websites and mobile applications that pay you some rewards for just playing games on their platform. 

The website like Swagbucks, ySense, Mistplay, and other Android and iPhone games you can simply learn on the play store. 

8. Get Paid for Walking

We all used to walk more than 1000 steps daily even in our homes only. But do you know, that you can convert each step into some amazing rewards? Yeah, it’s possible.

There are several apps like Sweatcoin that pay you for your steps. It tracks and counts your steps daily and converts them to sweat coins. You can’t withdraw these in your bank account but you can just convert them into amazing rewards and order some fitness stuff or other kinds of stuff from this platform. There are more than 300 companies that are connected with these Apps.

9. Get Paid for Listen to Music

Everyone loves to listen to music. And some of us used to play background music full day. So if you also used to play songs and not get anything then my friend stopped listening to music without any benefits. 

Listening to music also gives you some extra cash every month. Spotify also gives you money. You don’t know how? Then read this below article and It will guide you all steps clearly to earn money by just listening to songs.

10. Forex Trading from Mobile

Forex Trading is also a simple and easy way to earn huge cash in less period of time. Here you have to only predict the currency exchange rate and put some cash amount as bid and win money. Before using this platform you have to learn a bit about forex trading. 

There are apps like OctaFX where you can start by simply creating a free account and practicing your trading skill on a demo account. This is a super easy way to earn millions in just one month by just prediction. There are several tutorials on YouTube that you can refer to and learn about forex trading. 


So the above-listed options help you to make money from your smartphone and earn a good amount of income. You only have to choose one option and work on that continuously and regularly.

In any business or work, You can only be successful when you daily put your time and effort. Nothing is here which can make you a millionaire in a single night. 

So I hope you like this article and find it valuable. Please don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media. And Save this post as a bookmark for future use. 

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