Top 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas to Make $1000/ Week

Are you thinking about profitable Business ideas and want to start any business that can give you profit and a living?

I hope you have heard that if you want to become rich then you must start a business and work for yourself. And, this is absolutely true my dear friends. Working from 9 to 5 can only fulfill your basic needs. You can’t be rich by working for others. Have you ever seen any job guy become a billionaire only by doing a job? Please don’t count the CEO of Google Microsoft Apple or any other giant company. I am talking about a person like me and you.

Once take a pause and think about all the richest people in this world and once go through their biography, you will clearly understand what I want to say.

No, no, I am not against a job. Job is also good for the start of our career but to live fully dependent on it for our whole life, is insane. I never ever support this type of thinking. That’s why I always suggest that whatever the circumstances you have, just start any small business.

Nowadays it is so simple and easy to start any business because we are living in the digital age. You can start any business from your home and find targeted customers online in any Niche. Just you have to learn the right techniques which I will tell you in this Blog.

If you are thinking that you don’t have the best business idea then I got you covered here my friends. I am going to share the top 10 most profitable business ideas that can give you $ 100,000 profit per year.

You can choose any idea in these and start it today without any delay. You can start one or more it totally depends on you. But I will suggest only focusing on one Idea at a time to make it a success and then heading over to the next one.  

So, without any further delay, let’s jump straight to the List of Business ideas and their details.

List of top 10 profitable Business ideas

1. Real Estate Photo Service

Real estate is an Evergreen business and the most lucrative Niche to earn money. The demand for homes or properties is always increasing day by day. Everyone wants to buy a house to live in. And, it is the most profitable asset for you because it always pays back more than you spend on buying.

People used to sell their house or give it for rent through online platforms. So they just take a photo and upload it on any real estate company website or they approach the website for the photoshoot. Here is your opportunity to start a Photo Service business.

If you are a professional photographer or you have the skills to edit, retouch, and manipulate photos then Real estate photo service can be the most profitable business for you. There are three ways to do this business:-

  1. Learn photography Skills and join as a professional photographer in any real estate company.
  2. Learn Photoshop and start your own online website to provide services of real estate photo editing 
  3. Be a photographer and editor and provide both services.

Before you want to know about details, maybe a question is popping up in your head.

How much I can earn from this?

The answer is, A photographer earns $80 – $250 per photoshoot. And a high-end editor earns $10 per photo. Now you can calculate your monthly and yearly income it will cross $1lac.

Where can you find this job? Are you thinking about this question now?

You can find this job on job portal websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, LinkedIn, and others. The well-known website Upwork is also providing this job.

For Photo editing services, you can start your own website or blog and promote it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to get clients. If you want to get an idea about this editing service just google it and check the website 

2. Selling Airbeds

Airbeds are always in demand when festival season comes. During the festival, people used to follow rituals like sleeping on the ground and then change their minds after the first night. It is not only for festival people but also for some students who live outside for studies and don’t want to buy extra luggage Or for some couples who have fantasies about sleeping on the ground. There is a big market for Airbeds.

But in this business, you have to first spend some money to buy Airbeds and earn a profit by selling it at high prices on online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and so on. 

Where can you buy these Airbeds?

You can buy airbeds in Bulk on  at a cheap price. Suppose You buy 200 Airbeds for $1000 and sell them for $45 per bed on Amazon. You will make $9000 which means $8000 profit. Next time you can double your purchasing and selling like 400 beds and much more. Just think about profit.

If you want to get rid of packaging and shipping work then the Dropshipping store is the best option for you.

You can open a dropshipping store online on Shopify add items on your website from and set your own price. Whenever an order comes to your online store, Aliexpress will take care of all shipping and give your commission directly to your account.

3. Selling Yoga Mats

Yoga is the hot niche these days and yoga lovers are increasing rapidly. Because health is a major concern for everyone. If you want to stay fit then, of course, you should also do yoga. But here we are talking about Business ideas. So let’s get to the business.

Selling yoga mats is the most profitable business in this health niche. There are a large number of people worldwide who do yoga every morning. And, they would prefer to use a separate mat for performing yoga.

You can do this business as I tell you about Airbeds. Buy yoga mats from or for just $2 per mat and sell them on Amazon or eBay for $10 – $15. If you sell daily 20 mats then $300 will be your daily earnings, in a month $9000, and in a year $108000. 

Don’t just rely on Amazon or eBay traffic, you can promote your stuff on Social media platforms like Facebook ads to drive a huge amount of traffic.

As I explained above about dropshipping, you can apply that idea in this business or combine both businesses to one dropshipping store.

4. Hostel Owner

This one is my favorite Evergreen business and is very simple to do. The real estate business is always profitable, it returns more than your buying amount. Do you know the world no? 1 investor Robert T Kiyosaki started his business journey in Real estate at the age of 15 years?

Let me tell you, how can you do this? Rent out a building in an area frequented by Tourists. Now convert rooms into Dorms with bunk beds ex:- 6 rooms with 6 beds per room.

Now advertise cheap and social accommodation for tourists on Facebook or social media, the local newspaper. 

Let’s suppose you are charging $15 per bed per night then $90 per room and $540 in one night. So you can calculate your yearly income by yourself.

If you are living in the place where tourists don’t come then also you can do this business for Students. Rent out any building in College areas and do the same as I explained, but reduce the bed number and charge per month.

5. Drone Cameras

Drone cameras are now trending. During the holidays we enjoy with our kids by flying drone cameras. We also go on a picnic and use a drone camera to capture the beautiful scenery. These days YouTubers are also increasing rapidly and for video shoots, they also use drone cameras. So overall the demand for drone cameras is going high day-by-day.

You can do this business just like above I explained for Airbeds and Yoga mats. Buy from for $35 and sell on at $75. $40 is your profit.

The dropshipping idea is also beneficial and easy for this business. And don’t forget to advertise because any business needs advertisements to attract visitors to buy your stuff.

6. Professional Photography

Whether it is a wedding, family event, or a business, marketing material, People always pay good money for professional photography. So it can be your next business and it is much more interesting than other business ideas. Or if your photography skills will be excellent then You can apply in Hollywood or Bollywood industries too.

Before starting this business I would advise spending some time to learn photography skills. Join any good institute or any good online course and complete some projects. After that build your own portfolio online and start a website to provide services. Promote yourself on social media by showing your project works and attracting customers.

So to start this business you only need to invest in a Course and a good camera. When you start getting customers then add your travel expenses to your charge of photography. You can charge $500 to $1500 for one photoshoot according to work and hours.

7. Walking Tours

This is a guide business and it is only for people who are living in touristy places. If you know about your place very well and all the historical background about monuments and places then a walking tour will be a fun business with huge returns. 

Take groups of tourists on a walking tour, showing them all the best sights and things, explain them, and charge $10 per person. $100 from one tour, if you will take 3 hours in a day then $300 per day. You can charge more according to the time and size of the city.

Let me explain a Secret about earning 10 times higher than that. Combine Hostel business and walking tours together, providing them accommodation and tours both and earn more money.

The hard step behind this is to market yourself. As much as you market yourself you will get that many tourists. I would suggest that start a website listing all your services online and promote it extensively on Social media platforms.

8. Event Planning

Event planning is the best business for people who have some creative ideas and organizing skills. People used to hire a wedding planner for marriage, or companies organize events to promote their products and services in cities. It is a better chance to start a business in Event planning.

First, choose any area that is near to you or try your own local area, provide good services and make goodwill without worrying about any profit. Once you have created goodwill and trust then next time you can make a profit in their budget.

If you don’t know how to start, first let me explain. Register a website and list your all services in detail promote on social media and only target your local area. When you start getting clients then either you do it or if you don’t have human resources then collaborate with other event planners and do it, share your profit and give them some extra profit but always keep your company name in front so that people will trust you

An event planner can earn $5000 in one event. 

9. Stationery Vending Machines

The education industry has always big and best business opportunities. It can be your coaching business, School, institute, and much more. But I am going to talk about the stationery business. The demand for Copies, pens, pencils, books, erasers, sharpeners, drawing paper, and so on has been always high in the market.

Purchase a bunch of stationery vending machines from Fill all vending machines with an assortment of stationery items like Pen, Pencil, Copy, Eraser, Sharpener, Rulers, and so on.

Set up these vending machines near schools and colleges and fix the price from $2 – $5 as per item. Set up at least 10 machines in your city. You will earn more than $1lac per year.

10. Late Night Tiffin Service

The food industry is always a profitable niche and you can earn millions of dollars in this business. For example just think about KFC, McDonalds, Pizzahut, and more. But I am talking about tiffin service which you can do in your local areas.

In our areas, there are so many students, and bachelors living. They used to work at night and some students come to the room after late-night coaching or job. Here is the best opportunity to start a late-night tiffin service.

You can also hire a cook or cook by yourself if you know how to cook. One delivery boy is also needed. You can earn $20 per person for one night. So in a year, your earnings would be $100000 or above.

If you want you can spend some money to make a website or Application to do this business online. Because customers can book their orders from home and only you have to deliver the order. They can also pay online so no need to collect money at the end. It is the most profitable business which I suggest you start.

It’s Time to Wrap Up

Business is the best way to be financially independent in life forever. You can use any Business idea and make it profitable. Every business needs some investment either online or offline. But you can make it successful with hard work and the right approach. Learn each and every skill to make it a success like promotion techniques, management, finding the right customers online, and more. 

I hope you have found this blog helpful and if you have some awesome business ideas then suggest them to me in the comment box. I love to hear from you. And please share this article with your friend’s group.

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