Super Effective Way To Silky Hair Care Tips At Home

Everyone has a desire for shining and wailing hair. To maintain the beauty of our hair, we start to use many chemical products inadvertently, due to which our hair becomes stiff and often falls, which we call the problem of hair fall. So let’s know in hair care tips, what is the reason for breaking hair and how to prevent hair from uneven damage.

Hair fall tips (due to hair fall): Hair loss is the main cause of dust and dust if you save hair with dust and then your hair will fall short.

Shampoo with hard chemicals, due to excessive use of the dye, can lead to hair becoming dry and hair root can be weakened.

To give hair a new look or hair, people often use gel, and hairspray, which are chemical, such products that harm hair.

Like other body parts, hair also needs vitamins, minerals, and proteins. The hair falls due to not taking proper diet.

Behind hair loss can also be genetic factors. Due to any particular gene or chromosome, hair loss is also found in people’s families.

Hair is broken due to frequent combing. Do not consume more than 2-3 times a day. The main reason for hair fall in women is stress or mental disorder.

Hair Care Tips / Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

The best way to stop hair loss is to strengthen the hair roots first. So, I’m going to tell you what hair care tips you are going to do to stop your hair from falling in 7 days. And your hair shuffle will stop completely within 1 month.

First of all, remove shampoo, dye, and oil, which is used more in detergent or chemical. Use one of the oils of coconut oil, amla, almonds, olive oil, sarso oil, etc. They are completely natural and make hair strong too.

If you are also dandruff, boil neem leaves in water until they become weak and then wash your hair regularly for 1 week, it eliminates hair loss and baldness Stops. After this, continue using neem water for 1 to 2 times per week. Neem is very beneficial for hair. Neem is a very good antiseptic for hair.

Avoid coloring quickly with hair, instead, you should use natural manna. Instead, you should use natural henna. You get a little vinegar, and a little roasted in natural meander From this there will be slight blackness in the color of henna, and also the brightness of the hair increases.

Protect the dust from the soil with your hair. Use the cap while traveling by bike.

If your digestive system is not good, then the root of the hair is weak, because the hair is directly related to the stomach. So control your diet.

Use curd for hair conditioning.

Curd has many advantages in softening and strengthening hair. Increase salads, sprouts, and seasonal fruits in your diet. Since the development of long hair requires a lot of high protein diet.

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