9 Simple Ways to Earn Money Online from Home ($100/hour)

Thanks for being here on this page. Want to Earn money online from home?

Today earning money has become so easy. Only we have to understand the process and trend of the market to learn

I still remember the words of my Businessman friend “ Money is Floating all over the world only we have to catch it with the right approach”.

I still remember my old days when I always used to think about extra income. Because my pocket money was not enough to survive in the costly cities, where I lived for my studies. At that time I didn’t have enough knowledge about Online earning or working from home.

When I got my new laptop for my studies I started searching on Google about earning money. But, in starting I failed thousands of times to earn a single dollar online. I spent one year in this and finally, I started to make money in the second year. But throughout this whole year, I researched a lot and then learned all the tips and tricks about earning money online. In this blog, I will share all the information with you.

Because if you are here then, of course, you are searching for some side hustle to earn extra money. So that you can pay your bills, and debt, travel expenses, fulfill some dreams, do a party with friends leave your blood-sucking job, or maybe some other reason. Trust me, You are in the right place and it’s my responsibility to give you the right knowledge.

Here, I will only share all legit ways to earn money online which I personally follow and that works for me very well. Still, I used to spend my 2 hours daily earning by side hustle.  If you can invest only 1 hour then you can make 100$ easily from home.

So let me reveal the earning secret for you. But before that make sure you have:-

  1.  A laptop/ Desktop/ Mobile / Tablet
  2.  An Internet Connection
  3.  A Desire to Earn (It’s my secret, You can follow too.)

Easy Ways to Earn Money Online From Home Today

#1. Write&Get Paid 100$/Article

If you can write about 10 unusual or interesting things then you can simply earn 100$ per Article.

ListVerse is a website that pays 100$ for simply putting a 10 list of unusual, weird, or interesting things together. In each entry of the list, you only have to write one or two paragraphs. You don’t have to use any images or videos by yourself. They also don’t need an expert. Only you should have knowledge of basic English to write and a good sense of humor.

You send them your list and they will publish it on their own website and you will get paid 100$ instantly via Paypal. Make sure you have a PayPal account, if not then create it first. It’s free to create and easy to use.

Some Important Things to consider:- Your List should not be copied from others and it should be totally unique. You can write about any topic but not write about sports, gaming, and self-stories.

Cracked.com also pays you 100$ to write and make a list but there is no condition. You can make at least 5 lists. If you want you can make it more it depends on your wish. All process is the same as I explained above. Only you should be a funny, smart, and creative person. These two websites are totally legit and it will only take you one hour to make your list. Daily you can earn 100$ within one hour and in a month you can earn at least 3000$ or more, it depends on your ability and work.

#2. Get paid for Tutorials

Every person is born with curiosity, humor, playfulness, and the ability to learn. When we become adults then we learn skills as per our needs and choices.

These skills can be coding, design and illustration, photography, music, video, Web design, game development, Business, marketing, and many more.

If you have basic or advanced knowledge about your skills, simply make video tutorials or writing tutorials and earn money 100$ daily.

Envatotuts+ is a website where you can join as a teacher and daily you can post tutorials in video or writing format and earn regularly. You can sell your ebooks here.

And if you want to learn more skills then you can also learn from here. It is totally free to learn.

#3. Earn from Online Surveys

You can easily earn $100 easily by online surveys. There are so many websites that offer paid surveys, tasks, offers, and referral programs.

ClixSense offers a paid survey where you can easily earn $10 per day within 1 hour. Currently, I use this site which is the main source of income when I purchased my domain.

Vindaleresearch offers a high-quality paid survey where you can get $25 for only one survey. Its referral program gives you 5/referral instantly. They give $5 for sharing the first income proof with your pic. But this website is only available in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. But you can join worldwide by signing up through Facebook. Sign up here and enjoy your online earnings.

Respondent.io gives you $50 only for a referral to your friend. And if you complete a project then you can earn more than $100 within one hour.

How can you get that referral? It is very simple. Just copy your referral link and paste it into forums where people search for money-making tips.

Swagbucks is a legitimate website for paid surveys and daily offers. You can also earn by referral and earn Swagbucks points, which you can redeem in PayPal. You can sign up here.

#4. Earn Money by Watching Videos

Yes, This is true. You can earn up to $100 simply by watching videos.

Earnably pays you for watching videos completing offers and taking surveys. You can redeem your points in Digital currencies, wallet codes, and gift cards.

You can also refer to your friends and earn 10% of their income for a lifetime.

Swagbucks also pay you for watching videos.

#5. Get paid for searching on Google

I know you are thinking that I search on google millions of times but it never pays, how is that possible? But my friend, You can earn $100 and more only for research.

AskWonder pays you for research on Google collects data and makes a 200-word article. There are so many lazy people out there who just ask a question to know the answer on Askwonder. You simply have to collect all data from Google craft an article and paste it on this website. You will get paid $15-18 for this work only and earn as much as you want.

#6. Earn Money by Freelancing

Freelancing is the best platform to earn money by showing your skills. You can earn more than you think. If you have any skills like Graphic and design, Digital Marketing, Writing and translation, Video and animation, Music and audio, Programming and tech, Business, etc. You can earn more than $100 from your home.

Fiverr offers you tons of freelancing jobs. Here you can sign in make your gigs and fix your own rate. People will hire you for simple work and you will get paid after completing the work. This is better than office work, no boss, no workload, no timing. So many people became Financially free from this platform only.

Bonus Tips:– You can hire some other person to complete your work. Just take more projects and hire someone to work and share your earnings. So you don’t have to do anything.

UpWork is also the same platform but here you can only fill out your registration form and tell about your skills. According to your skill, there are jobs which you can do. The client will look at your profile and hire you for their work.

#7. Get Paid for typing Name

Don’t be surprised! There are lots of startup companies searching for a good name. If you have a good and creative idea about naming then you can earn $100 only for suggesting a name.

Squadhelp runs a naming contest for companies or agencies on their website weekly. You simply join and participate in the contest and suggest a creative name. Once the contest is over and your name is selected then you will earn more than $100 instantly. Their naming contest starts at $199 and the Logo design Contest at $299.

Bonus Tips:- If you can’t come up with a creative name idea then you can ask on social media or any make-money-online forums.

#8. Get paid for Logo design

This work needs a particular skill called Design and illustration. But you can earn $100 simply by doing one hour of work or hiring someone to do it for you.

PeoplePerHour is a freelancing website that offers many work-from-home jobs. The best part of this site is. Competition is very low and simple. But why do I only say about logo design? I will give you a simple heck to do it without having any skill.

Bonus Tips:- First complete your profile. If you don’t know how to complete then just look at your competitor’s profile and make the same profile. Then visit the FreeLogoDesign website. Just you put the Company name there and you will get thousands of professional logo designs. Simply download it and send it to your client. Isn’t that simple?

#9. Earn Money by Reading Books

Now you can earn money by reading books. Maybe some of you feel boring to read a book but if you get paid for that then, of course, you will read. And in a month you can earn more than $1000.

ACX is a website where most of the authors give their books to narrate in audio, Just like the podcast. Simply create your profile and upload your voice sample. After that, you will receive offers to narrate a book. Just set up your studio and start narrating. It is very simple work. You can hire someone to do that for you on freelancing websites.

Important things to consider:- Before joining any website check their all procedure like how it works, terms & conditions, and payment methods for better understanding.

It’s Time to Wrap Up

I am not suggesting you join these all work together. You just choose according to your needs, choices, and skills. Just give 1 hour to any of this work and you will earn decent money to solve your life problems.

I write this blog only for educational purposes. It only shows that whatever the situation you have you can earn money online sitting at your home.

Whatever I learned in my journey of earning money I am just sharing that with you. Now it’s your work to follow the path and be successful.

These all websites are legit and you can earn money $100 within one hour with little effort. That’s all for me. Now enjoy your earnings.

If you find this article helpful and informational then share it with your friends. It will only take your 2 seconds but it will support me for life long and always encourage me to share my all experience with you.

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