5 Amazing Websites that Pay Writers $200 to $400 Per Article

Searching for websites that pay writers a high rate for just writing a piece of content? Then, Here you will get information about some really amazing websites where you can make money up to $200+ for just writing 1000 words article.

The backbone of any online business is content creation. As much as they will create verities of content they will earn money. Content marking is booming day by day and has a very bright future. Because still, only 40% of users are on the internet and numbers are increasing every year rapidly.

So if you love writing or creating content then there is a very lucrative opportunity for you to earn money online by just writing articles for others. You can earn up to $200 to $400 for just one article. 

There are some very lesser-known websites that pay a really high rate for writing articles for them. In this article, I will share about 5 top websites where you can pitch them and get an opportunity to write and earn passive income.

Before joining these websites, you have to take care of some important things. Your writing skill should be good and always maintain quality in your articles.

So let’s know about those websites.

5 Lesser-Known Websites that pay writers a very high rate for articles

To start a freelancer writer’s job, you should have a laptop, an internet connection, excellent writing skills, and a free space to write. Below listed websites are the best website and you can pitch them according to your choice of category. Check all the given links to get detailed information.

1. Huffpost

HuffPost is a well-known website that posts articles on almost every topic. It has a very wide reach and highly engaged organic traffic. If you look at their content then you find feeling journalism that contains pieces of advice, facts, and empathy.

They need content on almost every topic like national, personal, life, wellness, health, food and drinks, style, beauty, and so on. Whatever the topic is your favorite you can write articles and send a pitch note to them on the given email Id on their pitch page.

You can send a pith email related to your topic category. They have a separate email id for each category. It’s better to check their pitch page here.

Their payment rate is amazing. HuffPost pays $400 for 800 to 1100 words articles. They transfer payment directly to your bank account.

2. Diem

Diem is a social platform or publication that specially publishes content for women or non-binary people. Most of the readers of Diem are women. So they are looking for those who can write articles or stories on things that are related to women.

Some topics which they are looking for are building an equitable internet, web3, metaverse, finance, feminine leadership, relationships, and so on. For more information, you can directly access their pitch page here and read the guidelines.

Once you decide to write for Diem then send pitch lines to the given email [email protected] or [email protected]

They pay you $200 for 700 words articles via PayPal.

3. Giddy

Giddy also named getmegiddy is the world’s largest sexual health website. They are looking for articles that solve the sexual problems of men and women. Give advice to their question related to disorders, relationships, stages of life, and so on.

If you are interested in giving valuable information on sexual health then this website is best for you. You can send your pitch lines by email at [email protected]

Their pay rate varies between $200 to $400 for 700 to 1100 words articles. 

4. The Good Trade

The Good Trade is the best platform that publishes content to take better care of themselves, their communities, and the planet. They are looking for the best brand recommendation that can make people’s life easier, also thoughtful essays add value to people’s life. 

They have very strict guidelines on their pitch pages. You can read the pitch page and then prepare your own pith lines to send them on given social media profiles.

Most of the visitor base on this website is women. And they also need articles related to women’s topics.

Their paying rate is around $200 for 800 to 1000-word articles and transfers via PayPal.

5. Love, Kepler

It is basically a new dating website that invites writers to write articles on relationship topics and dating advice topics. So if you are interested in such topics then you can easily send them pitch lines to [email protected].

They have no guidelines to follow, but you should always follow a standard guideline for every article. 

This website pay writes $200 for 100 words articles via PayPal. 

The above-listed publications give a very high rate to writers. 


Freelancing works are the best work to make money online from home. And if there are such websites that pay writers $200 to $400 per article then you can earn more than $6000 per month. You don’t have to work 9 to 5 jobs and also you can get your financial freedom. 

If your writing skills are good enough then these websites are the best solution to make extra money online. It’s the best work-from-home job also.

I hope you like this article and don’t forget to share this article on social media platforms. 

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