8 Best Ways to Get Paid to Solve Math Problems Online

Yeah, You can get paid to solve Math Problems online. I know you will not believe it yet. But Stick to this post till the end, I will tell you, how?

If you are good in Math Subjects or have a good command of academic mathematics then you can also earn money online by just solving simple math problems. 

There are many websites that provide you with a task to solve math problems and for that, they pay you a lot of money.

But why do they pay you, still have this question in your mind.

So the answer is very simple. Students who are weak in math subjects used to upload their math homework on these websites and search for detailed solutions. So if you help them to find the solution to math problems then they will pay you for that.

Other than students, so many educational institutions and websites are used to provide question solutions to their students. But they don’t have that much time to solve each question, so they hire someone online who has good knowledge of mathematics and for that, they will pay you cash.

So, if you also have good knowledge of mathematics then you can also join these websites and start earning extra money online. Here, In this article, I am going to tell you about 10 super legit websites that pay you money for solving math problems online. 

8 Super Legit Sites to Get paid to solve Math Problems Online

To join these websites as a math problem solver you don’t need any degree. You should only have good Maths Problem solving skills and you are good to go. You need a laptop, Mobile, Camera, Internet Connection and a quiet place to work.


Photomath is the best app to get paid to solve math problems. Because here you can find all academic math problems like Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Mensuration, measurement, and basic elementary math problems.

You can simply use PhotoMath Mobile Apps and solve math problems in your free time. There is no fixed time to work. Whenever you get free time you work. So this is the best app where you can earn money by solving math problems.


Study.com is the best platform for those who are math experts in all academic subjects, basic maths. Here you can help students to solve math problems and make them understand all math steps. You have to give a detailed explanation of every math problem so that students can clearly understand that.

If you have made any mistakes then don’t worry. Before delivering your solution to students, first, their team will review your answer, and then they will deliver it. So if you have made any mistake then they will correct it first. So this platform is best for you to solve math problems and earn money in your free time.


Preply is the best platform for those who want to start their own online math tutoring business. Here you can join as a teacher and teach online maths to the students. You can decide your own working hours, tuition fee, and tech according to your syllabus. Preply always searches for those students who want to learn maths only for the teacher who wants to earn by just teaching.

So this platform is the best for math teachers. They can simply earn anywhere near about $2000 per month. They pay your earnings through Paypal, Payoneer, and Skrill.

Math Cash App

Math cash app is a very interesting app and you can earn money by solving math questions in a fun way. It is basically a Math gaming app, where you have to beat your opponent by solving math problems faster than them. There will be a task in which they will give you 20 arithmetic math questions and you have to solve them in under 60 seconds. If you solve before your opponent then you will win a cash prize and lots of surprises.

That’s why it is the best app where you can just earn money simply by playing math games.


Yup is the best platform for math tutors who can teach maths globally and earn money. Here you only have to create a tutor profile, choose your work hour, and then you are good to go. You should have a fast internet connection so that you can teach globally without any network issues. On this website, you can help students to prepare for exams and so on. In the math section, you can then teach Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, elementary math, arithmetic, and so on. You can earn a very good income on this platform.


Chegg is an Indian online teaching platform where you can simply join and teach students and earn money. Here you are free to work at your preferred time. On the Chegg platform, you can use joins as a TBS expert or QnA Expert.

To join here, You have to sign up and fill in all the details. They will take an online test, you have to pass and then they will verify all documents. After the verification process, you can start earning money online by just answering the math question asked by the students.


Growing Star is a US-based online platform, where you can help students to solve their math homework and earn money online. It is the best platform for you because here you can help grade 3 to grade 12 class students. Most of the students are kids. And you can also provide them one on one tutoring classes a week. So this is also the best website for you to get paid to solve math problems online.

Upwork and Fiverr

In the freelance industry, Upwork and Fiverr is the best platform that provides freelance work for almost every category. So if you want to work as a freelancer then you can simply create a profile on this platform, add your all credentials and then search for online jobs as a math tutor. There are so many online jobs you can find and work. You can easily get paid by PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and bank transfer.

So if you also want to earn money by solving math problems then you can use these platforms to search for math tutor jobs.


In the teaching profession, there are not so many options available to monetize your teaching skill. Only tutoring or solving problems and being a teacher is the option. But if you want to increase your income then you can use these platforms and earn extra money in your free time.

It is the best way to get paid to solve math problems online and earn extra money and help students to grow their careers. So if you also want to earn money by teaching maths then choose one or more than one platforms and earn money online.

I hope you get some value from this article. So please don’t forget to share this article on social media and help your friends to make money online.

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