10+ Best Common Hobbies that can Make Money Everyday

For most of us, it is completely unrealistic to think that our hobbies can make money.

And the reason behind this is, From childhood, we have fed our mind that a hobby is something which we like to do only for fun.

It is perfectly normal to have fun and enjoy life but making a balance in work life and personal life is also important.

I know that you are thinking about why I am talking about making money from hobbies rather than trying other jobs, businesses, and so on.

Let me tell you one thing, The job which you do 9 to 5, that only gives you money to run your life but other than that if you observe your daily routine then you will find that its end-result on your personal life is devastating. It means your work-life byproduct is stress, anxiety, insomnia, frustration, and these things ruin your personal life.

But with hobbies, it is completely opposite, your hobby gives you satisfaction, makes you stress-free and the most important part you will never get tired of doing the same thing, again and again, every day.

So, just think, if we turn our hobbies into a business or work then you can have lots of fun and earn money at the same time. It can inject so much money into your budget and give you economic space. How relaxing it is!

You have definitely listened to that Quote,” Follow Your Passion”. What’s that exactly mean? It means do the work which you love and that is your hobby.

We can turn any hobby into a money-making business. Yes, it’s possible. 

In this article, I will show you how you can make money from any hobbies.

So without further ado, Let’s dive into it.

Best Hobbies that can Actually Make Money 


“The Power of Pen is unimaginable because it has changed the entire world so Life is a very small thing for it”.

I am talking about writing. If you have a hobby to write or share your valuable opinions and thoughts on a topic that is your favorite or you are expert in, any skills, and passion, then blogging is the best way to turn any hobby into a business. 

With blogging, you can turn yourself into a self-styled expert and start doing business by sharing content on any niche. There are millions of followers in every possible niche out there. Once your blog starts getting some eyes on it then you can make a brand and grow your online business. There are several ways to monetize your blog. You can generate income through Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing, By selling Digital Courses, Sponsored posts, and so on.

Who has this hobby of writing for those it’s very easy to start Blogging? You can read this amazing blog,” A comprehensive guide to Start Money Making blog in 2023-24”.

1. 24*7 Random Thoughts

I know random thoughts are not a hobby but an automatic process of our mind which we can’t handle or stop. So why not to convert it into a business. 

Instead of sitting idle and thinking randomly that only kills your time, it is good to monetize this time and skip yourself with nonsense thoughts and make money also.

I know you are not believing but at the same time, you also want to know how?

There are so many websites out there which pay you money for your best opinion. And they pay for it because your valuable opinion helps them to make the best product for customers. So, why not think for them and share your random thoughts about their products?

So next time whenever you sit idle then join some best survey sites like SwagbucksSurvey junkieySense, and make money by sharing your opinion through surveys.

You can find lots of Best survey sites here that pay high cash instantly.

2. Gaming

This one is my favorite time pass. I hope so many of you play games in your spare time and some of you play full day and night just like PUBG players. It is a common hobby in most people to play games mostly in teenagers.

But do you know you can make money out of it?

If gaming is your favorite hobby and you are quite good at it, you can make money by uploading your gameplay video on youtube. Even YouTube has a separate section called gaming where it features your channel so that you can gain more views and subscribe.

You can join the youtube partner program and monetize your channel videos with ads and earn money. And my friends you can earn more than you think. 

Another way of earning is, You can promote gaming brands on the youtube channel, review their games, and make extra money other than Ads. 

If you think you are really good at gaming then join some clans and go for a tournament. It is called e-Sporting. You can earn thousands of dollars even millions too if you win these tournaments. There is also a chance to win gaming hardware, games, Cash, and so on.

You can make a gaming hardware and gears review website and earn an affiliate commission through selling gaming gears on your website, and through the website, you can also earn via Google Ads.

3. Reading Books

Reading Books is the best hobby because it empowers you with knowledge and stabilizes your inner world. 

If you have read the biography of Richest persons then you will find that reading is a common hobby in all of them, And after achieving everything in life they still used to read books every day. For Ex:- “Bill Gates reads 50 books in a Year.”

So guys, If you also have this hobby then there are several opportunities to make money online by reading books. 

Let’s See some examples of Making Money:-

  • You can start your own book review website and write book reviews which you read and earn money by Google Adsense and by selling that book from Amazon affiliate link on your website.
  • If your English is excellent and you always find yourself correcting mistakes in between reading then you can earn money by doing proofreading. There are several websites like FiverrUpworkGuru which provide proofreading jobs.

Some websites pay for converting books in audio format, so you can earn good money by just reading books aloud. How cool is that, isn’t it?

4. Crafts and Handmade Products

If you are a crafty person and love to show your creative instinct by making arts and crafts, then why not make some money from it.

Craft is a broad category and either it’s artistic design or any handmade product, it always falls in it. There are some subcategories of crafts like knitting, quilting, sewing, origami, crochet, candle making, soap making, floral crafts, jewelry design, embroidery, drawing, and so on. In which subcategory your hobby falls, I don’t know but I am pretty sure you can make money from any single subcategory.

There are millions of customers out there who are always looking for handmade products, artistic design. You just have to set up an online store and reach them.

Let’s see some ideas for building a Profitable Business from it:-

  • Set Up an online Etsy shop and sell your handmade products and designs worldwide.
  • Start your personal brand website and write how to blog about your products and recommend your products to buy. You can also connect your website to the Etsy shop or create a shop page on the website to sell products.
  • Create a Youtube channel, and make How-to videos to teach your followers. It is the best way to drive traffic to your website and shop. You can also get some brand sponsorship and earn money by promoting their products.
  • Reach out to interested customers on Facebook by creating a Facebook page and set up a marketplace and advertise it on Facebook.
  • You can also collaborate with local shops and sell your products in your locality and also be an amazon seller to sell your products online.

5. Recipe Making (Cooking)

Cooking is unknowingly the most common hobby of everyone. We used to cook at least three times a day. Because without food we can’t imagine our life.

So if you also have a hobby of cooking then you can make money with it. Only you have to show some curiosity and creativity to create new recipes. 

Do you know the recipes are the most searchable keywords over the internet? There are billions of people who search for new recipes every single day. So if your recipe is good then you can build your huge following.

To build a business, you only need a camera and a laptop. The camera is necessary to take a mouthwatering photo of your recipes which is the main key factor of driving traffic because pics create the first impression.

Let’s see how you can create a business by Cooking recipes:-

  • Start a food blog and write about recipes with some mouthwatering step by step pics. You can earn by displaying Ads, selling cookbooks, healthy diet charts for weight loss, reviewing kitchen tools, and recommend people to buy with your own affiliate link.
  • Create a Youtube channel and make videos about recipes. You can earn money from Ads, Sponsorship.

SECRET TIPS:-  If you are a food blogger then always use Pinterest. Because it drives crazy amounts of traffic to your website. Because 80% of Pinterest users are female and they are always looking for new recipes every single day.

6. Baking

Baking is the subcategory of cooking. Everyone loves bakery products to eat like cake, cookies, pastry, cream roll, and so on. And a birthday party without a cake is not considered a party. 

So if you love baking and know how to make these products then for you there are billions of customers waiting out there. 

Just start your online business by creating a blog and video as I told above in cooking and make money.

You can also open a local bakery shop and sell your baking stuff. So all I want to say, you can earn money online and offline both in cooking. The choice is yours how you want to earn.

7. Fitness Freak

Maybe being a fitness freak is your hobby or some goal to lose some extra pounds or put some muscles on your biceps, shoulder, Abs whatever the reason you have you can make a huge amount of money from this hobby. 

If you really enjoy sweating out in the gym and know some awesome exercise moves then why not turn this hobby in the money – making business.

Millions of people regularly search for instant remedies that can lose weight. So just grab this opportunity and build your business.

There are two ways to do this business.

  • Approach local gyms and be a gym instructor and also provide your instructor service to your locality. So many people are ready to pay for it.
  • Build your online business by creating fitness videos on youtube, writing blogs and diet plans and selling your own diet plan, selling your premium fitness videos, promoting weighing protein on your blog and earning a commission, writing Sponsorship posts for fitness brands, and so on.
  • Become an Instagram influencer. There are so many fitness brands that are looking for fitness influencers to promote their products. So after getting a decent amount of followers you can be an influencer and make money from Insta.

8. Traveling

Traveling is my favorite hobby. I get to relax and refresh my mind and explore more natural things by traveling. 

From my point of view, everyone loves traveling but they don’t make it a hobby. Most people consider traveling for enjoyment in life like Honeymoon trips, Travel with friends, and so on.

But do you know? You can make a huge amount of income with this hobby. Travel companies always looking for influencers and pay you to stay in their resorts, or give you a free tour, or free travel gear, and in exchange they only want you to promote their resorts or products on social media, or if you are a travel blogger then you can write about your travel experience with them and recommend to your audience. 

Online booking websites like Expedia, Tripadvisor, and Booking.com pay you a commission for referring their website to your audience for booking.

There are several ways to make money by traveling:-

  • Start travel blogging and write reviews about resorts, destinations, Travel companies, and travel gears and sell travel products.
  • Start a youtube channel and create your travel Vlog 
  • Be an Instagram influencer

9. Photography

Are you also a photogenic person? Do you always love to click pics on your smartphone? Then why not turn this photography hobby into Money making machine?

Photography is a broad category. Every business needs photos and graphics to present themself in front of customers. Because humans are visual creatures and they consume content in the form of photos and videos. So you can clearly understand its potential.

To earn a good income through it you should have specialization in any subcategory like portrait photography, wedding photography, real estate photography, scenery, animal, nature, travel photography, and so on.

To turn your photography hobby into a business you must have an online portfolio website to show some authority to your clients. And photography doesn’t include only clicking pics but it wants a deep knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or illustrator skill to enrich your photos.

Let’s see how you can turn it into a profitable business:-

  • Upload and Sell your photos on websites like Shutterstock, iStock, and Gettyimages, and earn royalty income whenever someone buys your photo.
  • Build a website and write blogs about photography skills and reviews about photography gear and sell it on your website using Amazon affiliate link and earn a commission, Display Ads, Provide photography service to your audience by using the hire me button on the website.
  • Create Youtube Channel and teach people about photography and also teach them how to enrich their photos in Photoshop and earn by Ads and Sponsored videos, and recommend gears and use affiliate links to sell them in the description.
  • Make a Facebook page and find genuine clients, buy advertisements, and work for them and earn a huge amount of money.
  • Be an Instagram influencer and promote photography gear.

10. Video Making and Editing

If you love filming videos and editing them then you can turn this hobby into a very lucrative business. It is the most interesting hobby because it always needs your creativity to make something outstanding.

You all know, to earn from videos, Youtube is the best platform. So many people have already become millionaires by using this platform. 

If you read above all points then you clearly observe that in every business I have described how you can use youtube for videos and earn money from it.

To earn from youtube, you only have to create your channel and regularly upload videos and promote it on other social media after reaching the criteria of 1000 Subscribers and 4000 watch hours, you will be eligible for the Youtube partner program and then Show ads on videos and earn money from it. 

You can also promote brands through your videos and get sponsorship to earn some extra cash. Make money by selling products by using affiliate links in descriptions and make a commission.

11. Standup Comedy

Do you ever realize that every human being has some funny instinct within them? You can’t be serious in your life because seriousness always kills enjoyment. Maybe it is not your hobby but we perform it every day unknowingly to make fun of our family members, friends, and relatives.

You can also make good money with this hobby. If your sense of humor is excellent then you can join a standup comedy club but it is not necessary for everyone to earn, there are so many other ways. To make someone laugh is the best thing in this world and for this, you don’t have to learn funny skills it comes naturally.

Let’s see how you can earn money with it:-

  • Create a youtube channel and post your funny videos and earn through Ads and Brand promotions
  • Post funny memes and cartoons on Instagram and be an influencer.
  • Start a website and post funny memes, stories, viral content, and videos, and make money by displaying Ads.

12. Tutoring

I know teaching is not a hobby and most of us don’t like it. But, if you are academically good and enjoy educating others then you can use it as a money-making hobby. 

There are several online platforms like Udemy, TutorMe, Chegg, StudyPool, Skooli, and other websites that provide online tutoring jobs where you can earn a minimum of $15/hr and $75/hr maximum.

So it is a good hobby where you can only invest 1 hour and earn $2250/month maximum. 

Other ways to earn money by tutoring are youtube videos, where you daily upload videos of subject topics and earn money by Ads. You can also give tuition to your society kids.

You can also create websites like TutorialsPoint and post tutorials.

13. Fashion and Beauty

Do you love to dress up well, make some hairstyles, groom yourself before going to any party or at a wedding? Of course, you do and everyone loved it because no one wants to look ugly in any type of gathering.

So if you have a good sense of fashion and beauty things then there is the best opportunity to earn money with it. For boys and girls, there is huge potential to make money but frankly, speaking, girls can perform well in this niche and for them, there are also many subcategories available like bridal makeup, hairstyle, nail art, designer clothes, makeup artist and so on.

You can build a service-related side hustle business within this niche by offering fashion consulting.

Let’s see how you can make money with this:-

  • Create youtube channels and make videos related to this niche and earn by Ads, and Brand endorsement.
  • Make your own homemade beauty products like soap, face mask, designer clothes and sell it on Amazon or Setup your own Etsy store.
  • Build a website and write blogs about fashion and beauty products and sell your products and other products on your website.
  • Become an Instagram influencer and Promote Beauty Brands

14. Garden farming (Gardening)

Farmers are the backbone of our country. If they will not grow the food then just think how this whole world will run. So, if you also have a hobby to plant some flowers, or vegetables in your garden, roof or balcony then there are several ways to make money with it.

Right now, Organic farming, Hydroponics, vertical farming are hot topics in the farming sector. And the best part now there are so many technologies available in the market which can help you to grow plants and vegetables in your bedroom also. In hydroponics you don’t even need soil to grow vegetables, you can grow vegetables on water. Isn’t it so cool? Then just give it a try and make money from it.

If you want to get rid of poisonous vegetables which grow by using pesticides then you must use these farming techniques to grow organic food at your home.

No, for making money with it, I am not telling you to go to the market and sell vegetables. But if you grow enough vegetables then you can. But here I will tell you the online process to earn money from it.

  • Make youtube videos of plants and vegetables that you are growing in your garden, balcony, or room. You can also make videos about roof gardening. (And you know very well know how you can earn from youtube)
  • Create a website and write a blog about organic farming, hydroponics, vertical farming, and explain its process so that users can get help to grow it at their home. Earn money by displaying Ads, Sell your online course about farming, make organic products like compost, natural mineral powder, green manure and sell it on your website.
  • Sell video tutorials about every plant and vegetable online via Facebook Ads.


In this Digital Age, Making money has become more simple than before. You can create a business by just sitting on your Sofa. The best part of hobbies is, everyone can create a business and make money from it because everyone has some hobbies.

To make money with hobbies, You only need the right information and a perfect strategy. Some hobbies can give you instant money and some can be profitable in the long run.

And if you have proper knowledge about social media and digital marketing then you can turn anything into business and make money from it.

So I hope you like this article and get some value from it. Don’t forget to share this article on Social media. 

If you also have some unique hobby then share with us in the comment box. We would love to hear from you and wait for your comment.

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