The Rookie Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Episode List, Story

Want to know The Rookie Season 6 release date, cast, episode list and story? Scroll through the entire article.

Television series are the most popular, especially when you have a weekend or nothing to do at home. You can turn on the TV and watch your favorite shows in a comfortable place.

If you are fond of action, drama and crime genre then you will definitely like this series. We will discuss The Rookie Season 6 Release Date in this article.

rookie season 6 release date

The Rookie is a television series that has become popular because of its brilliant scripting. The creator of this series is Alexi Holly. In USA, people love to watch drama, so this crime drama series is developed to entertain the audience. It deals with a police department and a group of officers who get caught up in the issues of crime stories.

rookie season 6 release date

The Rookie Season 6 release date is not yet announced by the ABC (Television Channel). Viewers will have to wait for some time to get the exact details about it.

The Rookie Season 6 Cast

We have given the essential details on the cast below:

actor actress Role
alyssa Angela Lopez
Titus Makin jackson
o’neill Lucy
Richard T. wade gray
Mercedes Mason Zoe
Nathan Fillion nolan
Eric Tim Bradford
williamson Talia Bishop

Nathan is the main character of the series. He has gained popularity from the last season and now the audience wants to see him again in season 6. This is the reason why the actor is going to perform in the 6th season.

The Rookie Season 6 Overview

To date, there are 5 seasons that have aired on the ABC channel. Find relevant information below:

series name cheater
total weather 5
writer/producer alexi holly
The Rookie Director bill roe
Style Action, Drama, Crime
mold Nathan Fillion, Alyssa, Richard
music by Jordan Gagne
Country United States of america
Language English
first episode telecast October 16, 2018

Viewers can watch this series on ABC channel. Movie running time will be more than 40 minutes. If you miss it on television, you can watch it peacefully on over-the-top platforms.

about the manufacturer

alexi holly

alexi holly

America’s producers are continuously creating superhits for the audience. Apart from being the producer of several hit television shows, he is also a writer. Some of Alexi’s popular series are listed in the table below:

series name Year
state of affairs 2014
cheater 2018
recruit 2022

You will be thrilled to watch this new season of ‘The Rookie’. Alexi has taken all the tricks to make the series entertaining and amazing for you.

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the rookie season 6 episode list

Viewers from global locations are excited to know about the complete episode list which is going to be revealed soon by the makers.

episode name Year
pilot 2018
crash course 2018
The good, the bad and the ugly 2018
button 2018
hawk 2018
ride along 2018
time of death 2018

Here above we have discussed about the previous season episodes for the viewers. It is estimated that there will be more than 10 episodes telecast on OTT for the viewers. However, this is not confirmed news. They will have to wait for some time to know the complete details.

rookie season 6 story

The story begins with John Nolan, an actor who is 40 years old. He moves to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the police department. John belongs to a small town and has big ambitions in life. All his life, he was daydreaming about being one of the police and managing the city. He was determined towards his job role and starts his journey to become a police officer. During his journey, he encounters unusual and unexpected incidents involving an adult cop.

But destiny has already planned something for John to become a cop. He was divorced and had no one to depend on. Eventually, he falls into the darker side of being a cop. He involves himself in the heist and the story progresses.

frequently Asked question

What is the rookie season 6 release date?

to be announced

Who Is In The Main Cast Of The Rookie Season 6 Release Date?

Nathan Fillion

Where should I watch The Rookie Season 6?

to be announced

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