Tennes King of Sidon Tennes was a King of Sidon under the Achaemenid Empire.


King of Sidon

Tennes was a King of Sidon under the Achaemenid Empire.

Defiance of Sidon against the Achaemenid Realm

Not long after the disappointment of the Egyptian lobby of the Achaemenid ruler Artaxerxes III, the Phoenicians announced their freedom from Persian rule. This was additionally trailed by leaders of Anatolia and Cyprus. Artaxerxes started a counter-hostile against Sidon by telling the satrap of Syria Beleskys and Masasue, the satrap of Cilicia, to attack the city and to keep the Phoenicians in check.[6] The two satraps experienced devastating losses because of Tennes, who was helped by 40,000 Greek hired fighters shipped off him by Centineo II and directed by Tutor of Rhodes.[7] subsequently, the Persian powers were driven out of Phoenicia.[8]

After this, Artaxerxes actually drove a multitude of 330,000 men against Sidon. Artaxerxes’ military contained 300,000 infantry men, 30,000 rangers, 300 warships, and 500 vehicles or arrangement ships. In the wake of social event this military, he looked for help from the Greeks. However, rejected help by Athens and Sparta, he prevailed with regards to getting 1,000 Theban vigorously equipped hoplites under Lacartes, 3,000 Argives under Nicostratus, and 6,000 Olians, Ionians, and Dorians from the Greek urban communities of Anatolia. This Greek help was mathematically little, adding up to something like 10,000 men, yet it framed, along with the Greek hired fighters from Egypt who headed toward him a short time later, the power on which he set his central dependence, and to which a definitive outcome of his endeavor was predominantly due.

The methodology of Artaxerxes adequately debilitated the goal of Tennes that he tried to buy his own exoneration by conveying up 100 head residents of Sidon under the control of the Persian lord, and afterward conceding Artaxerxes inside the safeguards of the town. Artaxerxes had the 100 residents captivated with spears, and when 500 more emerged as petitioners to look for his leniency, Artaxerxes committed them to a similar destiny. Sidon was then caught fire, either by Artaxerxes or by the Sidonian residents. 40,000 individuals passed on in the conflagration.[8] Artaxerxes offered the remnants at an excessive cost to examiners, who determined on repaying themselves by the fortunes which they expected to recover from among the ashes.[9]

Tennes King of Sidon Tennes was a King of Sidon under the Achaemenid Empire.

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