Sabarimala Virtual Q Online Booking 2023 Ticket Booking Link

Get here complete details about Sabarimala Virtual Queue online booking 2023 and ticket booking links.

The recent event that most Ayyappa devotees want to attend is the Makaravilaku Puja. It has already started from 30 Dec 22 and will end on 19 Jan 23. Thus, if you want to know the Sabarimala Virtual Queue Online Booking details then you must read the complete article.

Sabarimala Virtual Queue Online Booking 2023

There is good news for Lord Ayyappa! They can now book tickets online for darshan. It will be easier for them when it comes to making plans to visit the temple.

Sabarimala Virtual Queue Online Booking

Devotees have two options to get tickets, one is to buy online and the other is to get it done offline. They can find here Sabarimala Virtual Queue online booking methods.

What should you know about Lord Ayyappa?

India is a secular country in which you will find many religions, gods and goddesses, gods, goddesses and many more. It is a place that is rich in culture. Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are said to have created this world in which we all reside.

Lord Ayyappa is the son of Vishnu who is one of his avatars. Mainly, the god is worshiped in the southern regions of India. Ayyappa is also known in some parts of Sri Lanka. You can call the Lord by any name as Sastavu, Hariharsudhan, Manikandan, Shasta or Dharma Shastra and Sabrinath as per your choice (Shraddha).

About Sabarimala Temple

The popular temple of Ayyappa is located in Sabarimala, Kerala. It is said that people visit the temple on the first day of every Malayalam month for peace in their lives. Lord Ayyappa was born to save people from evil forces. He has the power of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu to save the people.

If you want to know about Sabarimala Virtual Queue Online Booking then continue reading this article.

When to visit Sabarimala Temple?

Every year and most of the times you will see a crowd of devotees in Sabarimala temple. Not only local people or people living in South India go there but people from all over the country are seen here. If you are wondering about the right time to visit the temple then it is late December and early January is the best time to visit this pilgrimage.

What is the significance of Makaravilku Puja?

Unlike people who celebrate Durga Puja, Navratri and other festivals; South Indians celebrate Makaravillaku Puja. It happens during the time of Makarsankranti Poush month. The story behind this puja is

More than 50 million devotees visit the temple annually to seek blessings from the Lord Almighty and visit the shrine. It is believed that Lord Dharmasatta blesses his devotees by stopping his sadhana. This day is known as ‘Makara Vilakku Day’.

It is a huge celebration in which a procession takes place, the deity is decorated with flowers, dresses, ornaments etc. With Aarti at different times of the day (morning, evening etc.).

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Eligibility for Sabarimala Virtual Queue Online Booking

Devotees must check their eligibility from below:

  • He must have Indian citizenship and must be above 18 years of age
  • Photo ID Proof Required (Aadhar Card / PAN Card / Passport / Government ID / Driving License, etc.)
  • Devotees can apply online for online booking at least 1 day before darshan in the temple. Tatkal booking is currently not available.

Sabarimala Virtual Queue Ticket Booking Link

It has been started by the Travancore Devaswom Board and the Karnataka Police in alliance for the welfare and convenience of the devotees. The link for booking tickets is the same as that of its official website

Devotees can follow the steps in the next section to book their tickets online.

Steps for Sabarimala Virtual Queue Online Booking 2023

Devotees should follow the simple steps to get the ticket through online mode.

Phase 1 Browse the official website of in your laptop or mobile web browser

Phase 2 New users have to “Register” on this portal using name, add a photo, contact details, address, date of birth, photo ID proof, email ID etc. on the portal.

step 3 Click “I agree”

step 4 Tap “Continue”

step 5 The above steps will generate an ID and a password. Devotees have to use this to login to the main portal

step 6 Now, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, please enter it in the website

step 7 Add details to the booking such as visitor ID, contact/address details, and more

step 8 Now, submit the form

step 9 A coupon will be generated which will appear on the screen. This coupon has to be shown at the time of entering the temple.

step 10 Save, Download to have multiple copies of it for future use

Please note that a visitor can book 5 tickets online with a single ID which means a family can enter the temple through one ID.

We have included useful information on Sabarimala Virtual Queue Online Booking in this article. We hope that by now you must have come to know why the online booking process has started. This is because the crowd is seen in the temple. The local police and government do not want people to get hurt, injured or have an accident.

frequently Asked question

What is Online/Offline Sabarimala Virtual Queue Ticket called?

Q-Q (Darshan) Pass

How can I book Sabarimala Virtual Queue online?

Devotees have to go to the main portal of Sabarimala. Else they can follow the steps which are listed above in this article.

What is the date of Makaravillaku Puja?

30/12/2022 to 19/01/2023

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