R Kelly Net Worth, Biography, Age, Family, Siblings, Spouse

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r kelly net worth

R Kelly is a famous American singer and songwriter who has a huge list of fans across the globe. The new version of hip hop is “R Kelly”. If you haven’t heard his solo yet, bump n grind Then you didn’t hear anything surprising. This edition is from the year 1993.

r kelly net worth

With this constant approach to become a pop singer with net worth $2 million (People call this ‘negative $2 million.’), After giving superhit in 90s the price comes down. People say that maybe Kelly is not able to match the technology and the needs of the audience. Thus he is now unable to perform at his best! However, these are all rumours, we all know the singer’s talent regardless of public opinion.

r kelly biography

Every person has to face ups and downs in their life but that does not mean that their career has come to a complete halt. There are a few more things to look forward to. We have discussed the biographical details in the below table for your convenience

r kelly biography
name Robert Sylvester Kelly
singer name King of R&B or King of Pop-Soul
date of birth 8 July 1967
place of birth Chicago, Illinois
Zodiac sign Capricorn
nationality American
profession Kelly is a multi-talented personality singer, record producer, songwriter, singer-songwriter, music video director, actor, composer, music executive, multi-instrumentalist, rapper
schooled from Kenwood Academy
Religion Christian

r kelly childhood pictureKelly was born and raised in Chicago which is quite famous for iconic food, music and architecture and much more. Being from one of the biggest city in America, Kelly is an open minded person with amazing skills and talents. Chicago is a beautiful city of lakes, skyscrapers, parks, malls and many other tourist attractions. Born in such a soulful city, Kelly has immense talent which brings many opportunities for him.

How did R Kelly start his career?

Kelly’s fans are quite interested to know how she started her career. What is his motivation, at what age he started the struggle and everything else? Thus, we have shared useful information in this section.

R Kelly is 55 years old in 2022 with a huge accomplishment list. It all started when Kelly was in school. Her teacher, Lena Macklin, encouraged her to perform on stage at a school event. The singer was initially nervous during the school talent show but tried to give his best shot. He won first prize in glasses for Ignoring the Audience.

He was worried because he was part of the school basketball team and didn’t want anyone to make fun of him. But Macklin’s guidance helped them reach their short-term goals. Most of his fans do not know that he was an introvert who now performs openly on stage. Many viewers book tickets in advance to hear Kelly.

Top Hits by Kelly

Kelly has worked with many artists in the music industry and created exciting music for his era. Some of those hits are listed below.

  • “You’re not alone”
  • “Fortunate”
  • “Bump, Bump, Bump”
  • “Stir Me Up”
  • “Life”
  • “Gigolo”
  • “Offensive”
  • “all of the above”

It is true that R Kelly’s net worth has decreased but he remains one of the favorite singers of the American audience of his time!

How Kelly Lost His Net Worth?

Being prominent in the music industry, it became difficult for the singer to survive when he eventually got embroiled in legal issues. Reports state that R. Kelly’s net worth was $100 million before legal issues cropped up in his life.

r kelly net worth legal issues

The matter was reported to the court by a young girl who said that Kelly had bribed her to marry him. Millions were spent in settling this allegation. To save the legal case, not only his status but the house, property, savings and everything else disappeared. Kelly later had to rely on family and the music industry to support herself financially. It has even become such that the rapper has to live on rent in Chicago’s Trump Tower.

R Kelly Family Details

Family is such a blessing for a person. Especially when they want to achieve something big in their life. Suffering from dyslexia, the singer was unable to read and write properly. It is sometimes used to bring about a state of depression. But his family was there every time to hold his hand. We have discussed about his family members in brief.

The son of Mr. Kelly (father) and Joanne Kelly (mother), he is a graduate of the local private university in Chicago, Illinois, United States. His mother was a school teacher and was also known to be a devout Baptist. There are three more members in the family, who are brothers and sisters. Kelly’s family lived in a public housing project in Chicago.

How many siblings does R Kelly have?

Has 3 siblings of which the singer is the youngest! He has an older brother (Kerry Kelly) and an older sister (Theresa Kelly). He got most of his life lessons from his favorite friends. Mostly from his brother, Carey Kelly, who is a songwriter and rapper himself. Sisters are always a backup asset for their younger brothers. Thus, Kelly always has Theresa as her back. Since R Kelly net worth is decreasing with the coming years, his siblings are of great support. They constantly motivate her towards her work and try to help her in whatever she needs.

R Kelly’s Spouse Details

With pure sympathy for the singer, we would like to inform you that he is divorced from Andrea Lee. He has three children from his ex-wife –

  • Daughter: joan kelly
  • sons: Jah Kelly and Robert Kelly Jr.


Popularity doesn’t come in a day, sometimes it takes years to become the person you always wanted to be. But R Kelly showed that with persistent effort and never ending learning, anything can be achieved in life. Though R Kelly net worth is not that impressive but his overall body of work is! We would like to know what you think about American Singer.

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