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Vaccine Certificate Correction and the process to modify incorrect details in the certificate are discussed here on this page. The COVID-19 vaccine serves as protection against the coronavirus and its variants.

According to government estimates, India has vaccinated around 100 crore individuals. However, specific faults may arise due to human or computer generated error. Since COVID Vaccination Certificate is mandatory everywhere, any mistake can lead to many problems.

vaccination certificate correction

This certificate is an official document that includes a 13-digit Beneficiary Reference ID that gives you access to all vaccine-related information, including the date of vaccination, the name of the vaccine, the place and time of vaccination, and the name of the health professional who administered the vaccine. Is.

This certificate can be downloaded whenever required. If there is an error in the name, date of birth, gender, or picture identification number when filling in the information for the first time, there is a chance to correct it.

Users can correct mistakes in the information. Users were given access to this much-needed feature after complaints of data entry issues. It’s worth noting that the official website allows for one-time changes to your information, and once done, the previous certificate will be immediately revoked, deleted, and replaced with a new, improved version. Will go

Cowin Certificate Repair

Certification is important when you are traveling or going out of state or country for some important work. The following details will help you and be a quick guide on how to make corrections or edits of any kind in your vaccination certificate easily. Steps must be followed to verify all the details if needed. Global COVID-19 regulations require that a person’s passport be attached or tied and have their passport.

vaccination certificate correction

Errors are corrected in Cow Vaccine Certificate

Government has developed vaccines to fight the Corona virus spread in the country, which can be obtained by visiting our local COVID centers. This vaccine was first made available to adults over the age of 18 on May 1, 2021, and you will receive a vaccination certificate as soon as you receive your first dose.

If one wants to get vaccinated, you have to first reserve a slot on the official website, after which you can get your vaccination. According to the report, corona virus cannot be completely avoided after getting Covid vaccination, but it reduces the chances of getting infected.

Moreover, as per the statistics and reports, there are around 700 million people across India who have received the vaccination, and the rest are in the process everyday. Like Aadhaar card, now vaccination has become a priority for all individuals. Getting employees back to work is also essential for employers. To avoid any inconvenience, it is important to have accurate information on your certificate.

Correction in COVID Vaccine Certificate

Covid Vaccine Certificate is an important document for travel. Sometimes it may happen that there is any error in the printed data on your certificate then you should make the correction immediately with the help of COVID vaccine certificate correction link for amendment and edit it accordingly. Also, you must be careful with all the details while making corrections and double-checking to get it right immediately.

How to fix COVID-19 vaccine certificate error?

Follow the steps given below to make changes and modify the information in the Covid Vaccine Certificate:

  1. Open the official Cowin portal,
  2. After giving the registered mobile number, click on “Send OTP”.
  3. After entering the OTP received, click on “Proceed”.
  4. Finally, select your name and click on the “Raise an Issue” button.
  5. Select the “Certificate Repair” option.
  6. Next, “What’s the problem?” Select from the menu.
  7. Only three details namely name, date of birth, gender and photo identity card can be changed.
  8. Once completed, correct, double-check for any other errors.
  9. Select “Submit” from the menu.
  10. Congratulations, the certificate has been successfully modified.

How to link passport with Covid vaccination certificate?

According to the Government of India, any student traveling outside the country for work, education or travel must have a passport attached to the vaccination certificate. Follow the steps to link passport with vaccination certificate:

  • Go to
  • Proceed after entering your “Registered Mobile Number”.
  • Enter the OTP that was sent to your phone number.
  • Select your name by clicking on it.
  • Fill in the vaccination certificate with passport information.
  • Select “Submit” from the menu.

These are the general procedures by which one can make corrections in their vaccine certificate.

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