FIFA World Cup 2022 – Referee predictions

The big tournament in Qatar is coming and, after the success of the blog at EURO 2020,  we have organized again the predictions’ game for you. Feel free to participate.

You have to guess the exact referee for each game by filling in a form. Just insert your name, or, if you want, a nickname (it must be always the same for all your future predictions) and then for each game just select the referee

Send your predictions here:

The first deadline for all games of Matchday 1 will be known when the first names will be published. The predictions sent after that (official time will be checked) will not be accepted. 

Points will be assigned according to the following pattern:

10 points for having guessed the exact referee of a match

5 points if a guessed referee for a game will be appointed as fourth official

3 points if the appointed referee is from the same confederation as the guessed referee 

2 points if a referee is appointed in the other game of the group 

1 point if a referee is appointed for the same matchday 

A special thank to Philipp, who once again is here to help us and he will be responsible for collecting your predictions.

The modules for next matchdays will follow in due course.

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