Largest Lake in the World [2023] Top 10 List with Area and Country

Check Out the Largest Lake in the World [2023]Top 10 list with region and country

Get updates on the world’s largest lake [2023] Top 10 list with region and country from this article.

Largest lake in the world 2023

The largest lake in the world is the Caspian Sea. You need to read further to know the history of the Caspian Sea.

About 2000 years ago, the world was not explored by people. The ancient Greeks believed that the east was their homeland and a country called Hyrcania; There was an incredible ocean which they actually called the Hyrcanian Ocean. Only water can be seen on this ocean, and because of its size it is not that this body of water was the end of the land but the beginning of the ocean and this time, many other people saw the body of water and because of this the same concluded that the people living in the southern region called it the Mazandaran Sea and the Arabs living in the southwest named it Gilan Sea or Qazvin Sea and the Turkic peoples. Those who find themselves in the eastern side call it the Khazar Sea and after the Khazar sea those who migrated from there and the Russians living in the north call it the Khvalin Sea or Khval and all these people know that This water is coming from the sea also advanced experts Andrew know very little about this body of water, experts are researching and suggest its name as Abbakach Sagar or Sagar Baku and Strabo agreed with the geographer’s point and paid tribute to the sea in its name (learn from the Caspian Sea as the Caspian Peopleā€”a small tribe that lived west of the water).

world's largest lake caspian sea

But still there is something, for the Caspian people the Caspian Sea was grand beyond their sight and they were taught to be part of the sea without finding land on the other side but today, we all know that it is surrounded on all sides. Earth. So now what do we call it sea or lake? It is called a sea because Caspian Lake is a huge lake and its surface area is 371000 square kilometers and if we compare it is going to be the same size as the state of California and it is the second largest volume in the world. It contains water and about 78000 cubic kilometers of water is present.

The Caspian Sea is the largest lake in the world

Now if we compare it with the other sea, it is three times equal to the other sea. In the past, 33 million years ago, in the legacy of the Oligocene epoch, the Caspian was known as the Paratethys Sea and was connected to the World Ocean, but about five and a half million years ago, due to the movement of tectonics and other factors at play The Caspian Sea is separated into the landmass and now the water comes from its surrounding rivers such as the Ural River, the Voga River and the drainage of the lake is through evaporation. That’s why the sea is called Khara Samudra. The Volga-Don-Canal technically connects to the Volga River, and therefore, it connects to the sea. More than half of the water is fresh and lies 28 meters below sea level.

The Caspian Sea is the largest lake in the world

The reason we don’t call it sea is because of the ancient people who lived for different years. If it is considered a sea, its waters are considered national waters; UN conventions are the law of the sea. If it is considered a lake, then international law in the waters would not apply, with each country getting its share of 15 miles for mineral extraction and 10 miles for fishing, and the rest would be divided among themselves. So, from our point of view it would be the ocean.

Largest lake in the world top 10 list

Below is the list of largest lakes in the world with their beautiful images.

Caspian Sea

world's largest lake caspian sea

lake superior

Lake Superior (the largest lake in the world)

lake victoria

Lake Victoria (the largest lake in the world)

lake huron

Lake Huron (the largest lake in the world)

lake michigan

Lake Michigan (the largest lake in the world)


Tanganyika (the largest lake in the world)

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal (the largest lake in the world)

great bear lake

great bear lake

lake malawi

lake malawi

great slave lake

world's largest lake caspian sea

So, the list of largest lake in the world is shared below:

Sl.No. name of lake lake area length of lake location of
(country name)
1. Caspian Sea 371000 1199 Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran
2. lake superior 82100 616 Canada, United States
3. lake victoria 68870 331 Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania
4. lake huron 59600 332 Canada, United States
5. lake michigan 58000 494 United States of america
6. Tanganyika 32600 676 Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo
7. Lake Baikal 31500 636 Russia
8. great bear lake 31000 373 Canada
9. lake malawi 29500 579 Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania
10. great slave lake 27000 480 Canada

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