ICC ODI Ranking 2023 Top 10 Batsman, Bowler, Teams List

Check ICC ODI Rankings 2023 List of Top 10 Batsmen, Bowlers and Teams

Get updates on ICC ODI Rankings 2023 top 10 batsmen, bowlers and teams list from this article.

ICC ODI Rankings 2023

ICC is known as International Cricket Council. ICC ranks players according to their performance in T20I, ODI and Test cricket. ICC ranks teams and players on the basis of point based system. The ICC already predetermines the performance of teams and players without human intervention, and there is no subjective assessment.

ICC ODI Rankings

A player is viewed from point zero to one thousand. The players’ points are recalculated after each match, and if the performance increases, the player’s points will increase, and if the performance is not good, the points will decrease.

The player’s points are calculated separately based on the format of the matches played by them, such as T20I, ODI and Test cricket. ICC decides to give the best rank to those players who have performed in the last 10-15 months. If a player resigns then that player’s ranking is deducted from the ICC list and if a player plays the first match of international cricket then that player’s name is included in the ICC list but the irony is that ICC only Publishes a list of the top 100 players.

ICC gives a rank to a batsman in the world of international cricket ICC these are the factors which depend on-

1. Out to Not Out:- In this case, the player will get more bonus points if he is not out.
2. Number of runs:- More the runs, more the bonus points.
3. It will also depend on the player who has scored runs against which team and against which player, but if the player has scored good runs against good attacking player, then in this case the points will be different.
4. It also matters under what conditions the player ran for the team. When a team is in a difficult situation and the player has scored runs then the player will get more points.
5. If the player has scored a good run and the team also wins the match, the player will get more points, and who is beaten also matters.

6. If both the teams have scored five hundred runs, then the computer will declare it as a high scoring match.

ICC ranks the bowlers in the world of international cricket ICC these are the factors it depends on-
1. How many runs did the bowler give and how many wickets did he take?
2. In a high-scoring match, even if the bowler gives less runs, the bowler gets bonus points.
3. The bowler’s point will also depend on which player’s wicket he has taken.
4. If the bowler has taken a good amount of wickets and the team wins the match then the bowler will also get extra points. If the bowler has performed well against a good team, he gets more points as well.
5. If the bowler has bowled more overs then in this case also the bowler will get points.

ICC ODI Rankings 2023 Batting Top 10

The top 10 batsmen as per ICC ODI rankings are as follows-

icc odi batting rankings list

Sl.No. ODI ranking players names playing for the country ODI Rating
1. 1 Babar Azam Pakistan 887
2. 2 racy van der Dussen South Africa 766
3. 3 quinton de kock South Africa 759
4. 4 david warner Australia 747
5. 5 imam ul haq Pakistan 740
6. 6 Shubman Gill India 734
7. 7 Virat Kohli India 727
8. 8 steve smith Australia 719
9. 9 Rohit Sharma India 719
10. 10 Johnny Bairstow england 710

ICC ODI Rankings 2023 Top 10 Bowling

The top 10 bowling as per ICC ODI rankings are as follows-

icc odi bowling ranking list

Sl.No. Rank by ODI players names playing for the country ODI Rating
1. 1 Mohammed Siraj India 729
2. 2 josh hazelwood Australia 727
3. 3 Trent Boult new zealand 708
4. 4 Mitchell Starc Australia 665
5. 5 rashid khan Afghanistan 659
6. 6 adam zampa Australia 655
7. 7 shakib al hassan


8. 8 shaheen afridi Pakistan 641
9. 9 Mustafizur Rahma Bangladesh 638
10. 10 Mustafizur Rahman Afghanistan 637

Top 10 teams in ICC ODIs

The top ten ICC ODI teams are shown in the table below-

icc odi ranking list

Sl.No. ODI Rating name of teams total matches played total marks obtained
1. 126 Australia 29 3668
2. 115 India 32 3690
3. 107 England 47 5017
4. 102 South Africa 29 2952
5. 99 new zealand 30 2965
6. 88 Pakistan 30 2638
7. 88 Sri Lanka 26 2282
8. 79 West Indies 28 2198
9. 46 Bangladesh 25 1161
10. 25 Zimbabwe 06 148

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