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14 February 2023 is Valentine’s Day for those in love. On this day couples spend time with each other and share memorable moments.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

Out of all the festivals, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great joy and fun among the youth and couples. It is the day when a person expresses his/her love to their respective partners.

Happy Valentine's Day 2023

There can be many ways to share the love. That means setting up surprise dates, sending well wishes, having dinner together, having breakfast in bed and much, much more. So, we have listed here status, quotes, wishes and images to send to your partner.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023 Wishes

Send these Valentine Wishes to your Valentine.

  • From friends to couple, couple to spouse, and now, forever.

happy valentine day 2023 loveHappy Valentine’s Day 2023!

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, make me feel special and I’ll stick to you like glue. Happy valentine day.
  • I am short of words to describe my love for you but I promise that you will make the best decision by being my partner. Happy Valentine’s Day 2023!
  • I feel the strongest attraction in your arms so please keep me with you always. Happy Valentine’s Day 2023!
  • Single’s Day can’t reveal our love for each other so we have to consider every day as our Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023 Images

Download the images from below to send to the one you love.

valentine week gif

share this gif with your love

Happy Valentine's Day 2023 Images

Life is short, now tell someone you love! Happy Valentine’s Day 2023!

Happy Valentine's Day 2023 Images

You have enough time to make someone feel sad but less minutes to make someone feel loved. happy Valentine Day.

Happy Valentine's Day 2023 Images

Hug tightly to the one you love, they need it. Happy valentine day.

Happy Valentine's Day 2023 Images

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2023 Quotes

These quotes will define your love in words. Do share this with your partner.

Comfort is when you wrap your arms around me and hold me tight. happy Valentines Day
Thank you for entering my life and making it beautiful. Happy Valentines Day my love!
With your presence, you have changed everything in my life and made me a much happier and better person. Happy Valentine’s Day to you…”
This world is beautiful because you adopt this world. Thank you so much for being my valentine. How about we praise love together. May all your dreams come true.
On Valentine’s Day, I am sending my love to the person who has brought so much love into my life. Happy Valentines Day my darling…”
You make every day feel like Valentines Day baby! I love you. happy Valentines Day
I want to be with you till the sun falls from the sky. happy Valentines Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2023 Status

Copy and share these statuses from below to let your partner know how much you love him/her.

I have many flaws and you have accepted me with them. I flaunt your love. I love you a lot. Happy Valentine’s Day 2023.
I’ve been waiting for this day to tell you how I feel about you. We are more than “just friends”. i love you Happy valentine day.
There is not a single day that I spend without you. I miss you, love you my valentine. Happy valentine day.
You bring out the best in me, you are my rock, you are my sunshine.
Happy Valentine’s Day baby!
Words can never express how special you are to me baby.
I love you! happy Valentines Day
Waking up in your arms makes me feel blessed. Thank you for being my Valentine forever.
I was thinking what gift should I give to God’s gift like you. Then I thought to give you my heart forever. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day 2023
The best part in the morning is waking up in your arms. Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

happy valentine day 2023 shayari

Send poetry on this special occasion of love to those who are closest to your heart.

It is not in my power to tell my condition now,
Just understand this, words are less love is more
Happy Valentine’s Day 2023
We will go with you, don’t you go
Will bear your every pain, will you say or not,
We want you to be happy always,
Whether we are there or not.
smells in the night
when you become a dream
pictures of memories come to mind
when you come face to face
Happy Valentine’s Day
Waited for you since 7 births,
I have seen you in every birth,
Loved you 100 times, not once.
happy valentines day
May everything you say remain in my heart,
The place is small but will be there later.
whether we give this jam,
We will always remember your lovely smile.
Happy Valentine’s Day
today i express it
I spend my life on you
Countless, do uncountable
i only love you
Happy Valentine’s Day
you are the smile of my face
you are my heart’s happiness
you are the smile of my vision
illusion is my heart for which
you are my life
Happy Valentine’s Day
i haven’t changed my mind with you
Years have changed but the condition of the heart has not changed
Happy Valentine’s Day

frequently Asked question

When is Valentine’s Day 2023?

14 February 2023, Tuesday

How to show your love to your partner this Valentine’s Day?

There can be many ways to share the love. That means setting up surprise dates, sending well wishes, having dinner together, having breakfast in bed and much, much more.

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