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Giving Virat Kohli a rest will not do him much good: Lalchand Rajput

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The more Kohli plays, the better he becomes, said Rajput.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo by Ashley Vlotman/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

Over the years, former India captain Virat Kohli has been a prolific player in international cricket and the Indian Premier League (IPL). However, he has not been able to do well for a long time now and has garnered only 216 runs in 12 innings at an average of 19.64 in the ongoing IPL season. As per the latest reports, Kohli is expected to be given a rest by the selectors for the South Africa series scheduled in June. In this regard, the former cricketers Lalchand Rajput and Nikhil Chopra shared their views on Kohli’s form.

Rajput reckoned that the players should only be rested if they are tired due to the busy schedule, and not on the basis of their form. He thinks the more games Kohli plays, the better he will become as a batter. The 60-year-old thinks Kohli should be a part of the South Africa series, as it will keep him in fine momentum ahead of the England series, where he will be challenged in terms of quality seam bowlers.

“I don’t know the basis for this rest, because when you are not in form, you think to give the player a rest. Giving Virat a rest will not do him much good, and he should play. The more he plays, the better he becomes. We provide the rest due to tiredness and a busy schedule. In England, you will face the bowlers with exceptional abilities to swing the ball, and will you expose the out-of-form player? I don’t think he should be rested for this series,” said Rajput on Sky247.net presents ‘Not Just Cricket’ Show on CricTracker.

Virat Kohli needs to bring back confidence ahead of England series: Nikhil Chopra

Chopra thinks Kohli can only come back to form when he keeps playing in a regular fashion and scores runs. He stressed the importance of the South Africa series and reckoned that Kohli needs to get runs under his belt and get his confidence back ahead of an all-important England tour. The former bowler hopes Kohli refutes the claims made by various reports and expresses his willingness to play in the SA series.

“Unfortunately, our champion batter has not been able to make enough runs, maybe he is tired and needs a rest. But, there is a different side to this as well, as you will come back to form when you keep making runs. If he takes a break, then the team is immediately touring England, where everyone knows it will be difficult conditions. You need runs under the belt and confidence ahead of this tour. It’s absolutely up to Virat, and I won’t be surprised if Virat conveys his willingness to play in the South Africa series,” said Chopra.

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