Dr. Cool’s Master Mind Technology A Boon For FIFA 2022 Worldcup


Meet Dr. Saud Abdulaziz Abdul Ghani, nick named Dr. Cool. He is the mastermind and the engineer behind the outdoor cooling technology for FIFA 2022 Worldcup stadium in Qatar. He was inspired by his PhD project on air-conditioning for a car. 

In 2009 Dr. Saud became the part of Qatar Worldcup and his main focus was on the technology based stadium, rather than focusing of design based competitors. The core reason behind this thought was to give a pleasant experience to all the participants and fans attending the event. Qatar’s extremely hot climate could have been the reason to visitors discomfort. Although middle-east has very pleasant climate during November till end of February, it was not worth taking chance with world’s focus on Qatar. Dr. Saud’s aim was to provide clean air and cold environment inside stadium.

Dr. Saud’s contribution and technology will not be limited to stadiums only, they are planning to implement the same in other public places as well. In future, this technology will be soon adapted by other hot countries and and indoor stadiums too.

World will remember Dr. Saud’s valuable contribution and will always be indebted for many years to come.

Thank you so much Dr. Cool.

Dr. Cool’s Master Mind Technology A Boon For FIFA 2022 Worldcup

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