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Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to stream but unknowingly you got a course which you never wanted to do? Well, this is something that is included in ‘Doctor Ji’. As the name suggests, the film is based on a gynecologist who is actually a male gynecologist. He did not want to take the subject but wanted to complete his medical from that. The director has beautifully framed the journey of the female protagonist experiencing her own personal issues.

Let us get to know about Doctor Zee OTT release date, platforms, rights and more from this article.

doctor zee ott release date

Super comedy film by actor, singer and producer; Ayushmann has gained popularity with his script itself. And if we talk about the cast, shots, dialogues, songs and many more, then you will be overwhelmed to know that the movie was a hit at the box office.

doctor zee ott release date

Releasing on 14th October 2022, many people have already watched the movie in theatres, but some of them are waiting for OTT platform to watch it.

Doctor Zee OTT Right End Platform

Bollywood directors, actors/actresses, writers, producers and OTT platform companies all know how to entertain the audience. They always bring hot and spicy spice to the movies which makes people eager to watch them.

Moving on to the OTT rights for Doctor Ji, Netflix has already taken the legal rights. The film will be available on Netflix on 11 December 2022. The day will be Sunday which will help the fans to watch it comfortably while relaxing in their personal spaces.

doctor ji tweets

Netflix put out a tweet a few days back to announce the official release of the OTT platform.

doctor ji ott release date netflix tweet

This tweet has created curiosity among Ayushmann fans to watch the film #doctorg.

doctor ji ott release date tweet

After knowing the Doctor Zee OTT release date, watch your favorite stars on your smartphone via Netflix!

doctor ji ott release date running time

We believe that films based on real events and stories should be exposed to the public. It not only creates awareness but also helps other individuals to know about the current happenings around the world.

Talking about the time 50 years ago, there used to be conservative people with conservative thinking. And now times have changed. It’s time for technology. Everything is based on data, digital, smartphones and everything. This has allowed people to share their knowledge with the audience.

Since we have already thrown light on the Doctor Zee OTT release date, allow us to acquaint you with the film. Doctor Ji is a film that has adapted the life of a medical student in such a way that it gives knowledge about the problems he faces, how to deal with them and related aspects. All students practicing or studying medicine should be aware of the challenges. That’s how they’ll learn and grow!

The movie has a running time of 2 hours 4 minutes. “everywhere you” Doctor Ji is a famous song from the movie which you must listen to with earphones.

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doctor ji story line

We are not sharing the complete concept of the story, just bringing out a small part of it so that later when you know the Doctor G OTT release date, you can enjoy the full part.

This is the story of a young doctor named Uday Gupta (Ayushmann Khurrana) who wanted to take up orthopedics as an important subject in MBBS. When he had to enroll in gynaecology, he was excited to learn the concepts, science and everything about orthopedics. There was a paucity of seats in the orthopedics stream during post-graduation, so Uday had to study Gynae.

At first he was surprised, then decided to accept what destiny had given him. Being male gynaecologists, they face many challenges in treating patients. Later, he gets into a relationship with Rakul and is mentored by Shefali all his semesters.

doctor ji box office collection

Both producer Vineet Jain and co-producer Amrita Pandey are quite satisfied with their box office win. The numbers tell the audience that it is not about the amount that we have received but that the gratitude and love that our film has received is enough for us. He said that the film has been released in 2500 screens and there is nothing else to celebrate.

Description collection
total film budget 35 crores
first day collection 3.65 crores
India Release Collection 25.45 crores
worldwide release collection 40.71 crore

Opening the history of acting by Ayushmann, he covered important roles with health issues, making him popular with the audience. Not only in India, but there is gossip everywhere for him. The film has received Rs 3.65 crore on the first day. This amount has been received by Junglee Pictures after watching the trailer of the film. Let us see the overall statistics from below:

doctor ji views like the doctor doctor comments
29 m more than 385000 22000


We hope that you have got the important information about Doctor Zee OTT Release Date, now let’s conclude the article. Despite multiple films releasing in October-September 2022, Doctor Ji is still set to garner better reviews. After Vicky Donor, it was the best film made by the lead actor. The top part of his acting is that he gets into a character which results in a better output.

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