Dead to Me Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Episode List, Story

Read about Dead to Me season 4 release date, cast, episode list and story details.

The series has comedy, sadness, friendship, greed, money, trap and many more to see. People might be surprised by the title but the stories of the last 3 seasons are amazing. If you are excited to know about the release date of Dead To Me season 4 then you must read the complete article.

dead to me season 4 release date

The show came to the audience in the year 2019. After this, 3 seasons have been released one after the other. And now, it’s time to know about the Dead to Me season 4 release date.

dead to me season 4 release date

It is believed that 2023 will be the year when the new season will be released but it is not an official date.

About Dead To Me Season 4 Release Date

The genre of the series is American black comedy. Feldman is the creator of the series. Dead to Me was appreciated by the audience during the pandemic before Kovid-19. People loved the story, cast, shots and everything else. The successful Season 1 led to Seasons 2 and 3. Now, it’s time for the fourth.

If we talk about the release date of Dead to Me Season 4, then no official notification has come for it. Viewers will have to wait a bit to see it. Till then, they can watch the previous seasons of Dead to Me on the over-the-top platform, Netflix.

dead to me season 4 cast

Here is the expected cast of Dead To Me season 4.

actor actress Role
Christina Jane
cardellini Judy
james marsden steve
Edward Asner abe
Semolina Karen
Haley Sims Kelly
rosler henry harding
telma yolanda
Francis Conroy eileen
keong sim priest
brandon scott hole

There could be more actors/actresses in the series, we only have this cast information.

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dead to me season 4 story

Jane and Judy are the two main characters of this series. They are caught in an unusual situation that turns their regular lives upside down. Both are found in a hospital due to an accident. It is believed that the story of season 4 will resume from the same shot.

It has been almost 2 years since the return of the series on Netflix. Let’s see what the makers bring in the new season!

dead to me season 4 episode list

As told in 2020, the pair of lead characters have given their best performance. Last season was a bombshell with the mystery of Steve’s death (probably murder). When the police begin investigating the case, they begin to uncover clues linking Judy and Jane. They are obsessed with investigative questions, however, they need to answer to the authorities. They are also scared because these two are the ones who were running after the money and may be involved in the murder or someone may have set a trap for both of them.


It is said that Netflix originals are short-lived, therefore, it was in the news that season 4 will not release. Due to audience demand, the makers of Dead to Me had to give second thoughts to make it a new season.

It is estimated that there will be 30 episodes in total. You can watch the show on Netflix. There are two options to watch the series; One through the app or the other through the website. Viewers will have to buy a subscription to watch their favorite series Dead To Me Season 4 on this OTT platform.

frequently Asked question

What is Dead to Me Season 4 release date?

to be announced

Who will be in the lead role of Dead To Me season 4?

Christina Applegate and Linda

where can i watch Dead to Me Season 4?


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