David Johansen Biography, Net Worth, Family, Age, Career

Learn about David Johansson’s biography, net worth, family, age, height and career from this article. David Johansen was born on 9 January 1950. Get a biography and other information about David Johansen here.

david johansson biography

David Johansson is a talented artist and has a keen interest in music. He writes and sings songs. David is also known for his acting skills. David Johansson’s parents are Helen Johansson.

david johansson

David’s fans also fondly call him Buster Poindexter because of his superb acting skills.

johansson net worth

David Johansson has a net worth of two million dollars. He has a source of income from his business and his profession. But now it is estimated that David Johansson’s net worth is around three million dollars to five million dollars.

Description Description
net worth 2 million dollars

From many sources, it is not mentioned. Everyone has given different sources of their income. Hence, we can conclude that most of his income comes from singing, acting and his side business.

david johansson family

In 1977, he married Cyrinda Fox and then separated in 1978. After some time, he married Kate Simon in 1983 and then, they separated from each other in 2011. Some time later, he begins a relationship with Mara Hennessey and eventually marries her. , David Johansen’s martial status is shown below.

years marital status
2013 Mara Hennessy
1983-2011 Kate Simon
1977-1978 syrinda fox

Before marrying Mara Hennessy, they both started dating each other and then got married. These two are living with each other for 10 years and 6 months. As per the research, it has been revealed that David Johansson had at least 9 affairs before marrying Mara Hennessy. David Johansson has had relationships in private and he also makes it public, but we can tell you who he has dated in the past. So, in the past, he had relationships with Paula Yates and Angie Bowie. In the past relationships nothing is disclosed about his children and present in social media.

Description Description
name david johansson
wife Mara Hennessy
children not mentioned
sibling not mentioned
parent’s name Helen Johansson
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david johansson social network

Johansson’s social network is as follows

david johansson

1. Facebook

2. Youtube

3. Instagram

4. Spotify

The actor has an amazing list of followers on all these social networking sites. This helped them gain popularity and increase the brand value.

david johansson age

David Johansson is 73 years old as on 9 January 1950.

Description Description
Ages 73 years

david height

There is no mention of David’s height anywhere on social media. But we estimated the height to be no more than 5’2″.

Description Description
height not mentioned

david johansson career

David Johansson’s career spans in singing, acting and songwriting. He is best known for the proto-punk band the New York Dolls. After joining the crew, she released two albums titled “New York Dolls” and “Too Much Too Soon”.

Description Description
by profession 1. Actor
2. Singer
3. Songwriting

But both these albums were not as successful as expected. Johansson and Jhonnu Thunders wrote these albums; Because of this, in 1975, he and Jerry Nolan left the band. He formed a team of Peter Jordan, Chris Robison and Tony Machine, and they released their album, and then Johansson toured as a solo artist. Later, he did concerts and made a big name in Australia and became successful in his career.

In his career, he has done roles in some movies which are as follows-

Sl.No. Movies imdb
1 god is on their side 8.1
2 Car 54, Where Are You? 2.5
3 let it Ride 6.8
4 burnzee’s last call 6.2
5 Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel 4.9
6 nick and jane 5.6
7 campfire stories ,
8 over the shadow 6
9 Miser 6.9
10 freejack 5.4
1 1 glass chin 5.4
12 squiggly lines 5.1
13 up your legs forever 5.8
14 Kandy Mountain 6.4
15 Tales from the Darkside: The Movie 6.2
16 mr nanny 3.8
17 200 cigarettes 5.9
18 naked in new york 5.5
19 cats don’t dance 6.9
20 tick code 6.7
21 vennerville chanukah special 6.7

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