Covid XBB 1.5 Variant Severity, Symptoms, Cases, Treatment

Know about the severity, symptoms, cases and treatment of Covid XBB 1.5 variant from the important details shared in this article.

Countries such as Thailand, China, Japan, Mauritius and other Asian countries are some of the places that are experiencing the transition to the COVID XBB 1.5 version. XBB is a subvariant of omicron, affecting 70% of cases in the United States. It is highly transferable but people are not getting that sick.

According to the CDC, the world’s Northeast region accounts for 75% of confirmed cases.

COVID Xbb 1.5 type severity

On 20 November 2021 Scientists have detected the SARS-CoV-2 variant, B.1.1.529, Omicron virus. What’s more it is a global health concern. Delta and Omicron are the two most spread virus that affected the health of the person. Many health experts say that taking vaccinations and strength supplements would be helpful for individuals. These are recent cases seen in different parts of USA. In India where the population is now in billions, people are more likely to visit crowded places, attend family gatherings and social gatherings without any preventive measures.

Covid XBB 1.5 Variant

There are many unexplained facts about the XBB variant, how potent it is, whether it will cause death, and what treatment can be given to patients. John Moore who is a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York has a good knowledge of microbiology and immunology. He says that it is expected that the Kovid XBB 1.5 variant will be at its peak in the middle of January 2023.

Well, this is only prediction, no one knows the actual data yet. But scientists are continuously researching on its symptoms, causes, treatment etc. Let’s read more about the severity of the Covid XBB 1.5 variant from here!

Omicron Characteristics

A subvariant of omicron, BF.7, has affected people in Japan, France, Hong Kong, the US, and other countries. The symptoms of BF.7 covid variant are similar to covid, only a few of them differ. Some common symptoms of the virus include:

  • running nose
  • Headache
  • fatigue
  • Sneeze
  • sore throat
  • persistent cough
  • chills or shivers
  • fever

What is the Covid XXB 1.5 variant?

XXB.1.5 is a subtype of the coronavirus, which is highly transmissible and has a high R-value. There are reports that the infection is spreading rapidly among people and it is spreading even more in people with weak immunity. It is more harmful than delta virus.

According to research, the XBB variant is 108% faster than the BQ1 variant which is directly affecting the immunity of the human body destroying human cells.

Covid XBB 1.5 Variant Specifications

The R-value of the Covid XBB 1.5 variant is being told more. If you are feeling high fever, chest tightness and weakness, these health problems, then definitely worry

If you experience these symptoms, you must visit your nearest health care center.

covid xbb 1.5 variant cases

The CDC is tracking cases of the variant. There is only 1 case in India for the XBB variant

City Country cases
India (Gujarat State) 1
New York 75%
we 40.5%

41% cases have occurred in 2022 and it is expected to increase as it is spreading rapidly all over. 75% of people are hospitalized due to the sub-variant.

The major symptoms associated with the variant are runny nose, sore throat, fever, headache, sneezing, cold, cough and hoarse voice.

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How is the Covid XBB 1.5 variant different from other variants?

According to lesser health experts, the XBB variant differs from other Ciovid viruses because:

  • The spread should be faster than other variants and sub-variants
  • weaken immunity
  • Attacks human cells, causing health problems
  • lead to hospitalization

covid xbb 1.5 variant treatment

According to doctors there is no specific treatment, they are prescribing dosage unlike for covid 19. Individuals should take proper dose of vaccination and should not be careless about their health.

Doctors say that it is important to wear masks and wash hands frequently to avoid transmission of infection between individuals.

name of vaccine
bivalent BA5
bivalent BA1

COVID XBB 1.5 Variant Preventive Measures

COVID-19 was a hilarious pandemic time when many lives were lost. People of old age have faced many challenges regarding their health. And now, different forms of Covid are affecting the health of the people. Talking about the Covid XBB 1.5 variant, the death rate is slow, but the variant is increasing among people. They go in the crowd and don’t wear masks which is making the situation worse. However, we have shared some preventive measures below:

  1. wear a mask in all public places
  2. Exercise daily and eat healthy food which can improve your immunity
  3. keep physical distance from other people
  4. avoid going to crowded places
  5. Wash hands frequently and don’t forget to use sanitizer

These remedies are provided by UNICEF and other social and medical authorities for the people. Everyone should follow the guidelines of the healthcare providers and the government to stay safe from the COVID XBB 1.5 variant.


Awareness for COVID 19 subvariants is important for people so that they can stay safe from infection. Individuals should follow the COVID-19 guidelines to stay away from the infection. And in case of different variants, regular health checkup and immunity boosting tips will be helpful.

frequently Asked question

What are the symptoms of COVID Xbb 1.5 variant?

Hoarse voice, sneezing, runny nose, fever, headache, cold, sore throat and cough

How to stay safe from Covid XBB 1.5 variant?

Proper use of sanitizer and make will be effective for the people. Check out more preventive measures from the above article.

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