College Romance Season 4 Release Date, Episode List, Cast, Trailer

Know College Romance season 4 release date, episode list, cast and trailer details here.

Season four of the college romance is expected to release in the year 2023. stay updated
College Romance Season 4 Release Date, Episode List, Cast and Trailer from this article.

college romance season 4 release date

It has been revealed from the research that the college romance season four is expected to release in the last quarter of the year 2023 (which means it is expected to release in November or December 2023).

college romance season 4

The first season of the web series was launched on the online platform Youtube. After the season received an overwhelming response, the makers of College Romance made season two and season three.

Sl.No. Description expected release date
1. college romance season 4 In the month of November or December 2023.

College Romance takes us through college life and all the characters here are in the age group of 20 to 30 years. This web series got such a huge response because it stars all the characters (fictional roles) in their early 30s. Since there is a huge youth population in India, it was understood and enjoyed by all while watching. From this web series we come to know what are friends and what is their importance in our life. There are many ups and downs in life but friends are always there. The story tells us about friendship and relationships.

Sl.No. Description Description
1 director of college romance Parijat Joshi
2 main cast of college romance Manjot Singh, Apoorva Arora, Keshav Sadhna
3 country origin India
4 Language Hindi
5 Producer of College Romance arunabh kumar
6 author of college romance
  • ask theory
  • meditation room
  • Pankaj Mavchi
  • Ashutosh Chaturvedi
  • Kunal Aneja
  • Abhishek Srivastava
  • Akash Ahuja
7 production house Viral Fever Media Labs
8 mode of availability Season 1 – TVF Play and YouTube
Season 2 & 3 – SonyLIV
9 College Romance Executive Producer Arun Kumar
Vijay Koshy
Shreyansh Pandey
10 college romance genre the drama
1 1 Season 1 (Release Date) 7 August 2018
12 Season 2 (Release Date) 29 February 2021
13 Season 3 (Release Date) 16 September 2022
14 season 4 work in progress
15 Season 4 Expected Release Date November or December 2023

college romance episode list

College Romance episode list is as follows-

college romance

In case you haven’t watched the series even for the first time then we would like to share some exclusive details on the episode here.


number of seasons duration of episodes
1. session 1
a. Chapter 1 27 minutes
B. episode 2 24 minutes
C. episode 3 22 minutes
D. Episode 4 27 minutes
I. episode 5 33 minutes
2. season 2
a. Chapter 1 33 minutes
B. episode 2 29 minutes
C. episode 3 26 minutes
D. episode 4 27 minutes
I. episode 5 41 minutes
3. season 3
a. Chapter 1 31 minutes
B. episode 2 31 minutes
C. episode 3 31 minutes
D. episode 4 31 minutes
I. episode 5 37 minutes

According to this information, it will hardly take you an hour to watch an episode of College Romance. You can start by watching it from YouTube which will be convenient for you.

college romance cast

The cast of College Romance is explained in the below table-

college romance

You must be watching the tremendous acting of Manjot Singh. Yes, after being with Chucha in two versions of Fukrey, now Manjot will be seen in College Romance Season 4 as well. Apart from this actor, there are many more actors and actresses who will be starring in the series.

college romance cast

college romance cast

college romance cast

Sl.No. Description name in series
1. Apoorva Arora naira
2. Gagan Arora Bagga
3. Manjot Singh trippy
4. Ankur Pathak flowing
5. Eklavya Kashyap Afflict
6. Shiv Kumar munjal sir
7. Sanket Shawre Makhi
8. Ankit Motghare Birju
9. Darius Chinoy Kabir
10. Keshav Sadhana Karan
1 1 Shreya Mehta Deepika
12. Nupur Nagpal dhritapriya
13. diamond usher Raveena
14. Jhanvi Rawat Raavi
15. Ramandeep Yadav cuckoo
16. Ambareesh Verma Anshuman
17. Tushangi Gupta Kritika
18. Aishwarya Chowdhary hippie

college romance season 4 trailer

The trailer of College Romance is yet to be released just because the teaser is yet to be announced by the producer and director. Hence, it is expected that the series is going to release in November or December 2023. It is expected that the trailer is going to release in the month of October 2023.

Sl.No. Description expected release date
1. college romance season 4 October 2023

If we talk about the views received by the trailer of the previous season, then the table given below is given in the table-

Sl.No. trailers scene on trailer
1. session 1 5.1 million views
2. season 2 2.7 million views
3. season 3 21 million views

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