Battleground Mobile India Download link [APK+OBB] Beta

Pubg – Battleground Mobile India Download Link [APK+OBB] Beta version is now available. Pubg Mobile India Edition BGMI download details are here. Good news for pubg fans BGMI – Battleground Mobile India Beta Version Available now. The Early Access is now available and fans are scouring the internet to find the Battleground Mobile India download link. On this page, we are going to discuss all the details related to BGMI APK+OBB file download and early access to Battleground Mobile India beta version.

Download Battleground Mobile India

The rebranded version of PUBG for India is called BGMI which stands for Battleground Mobile India. The pre-registration for BGMI was started last month and now the early access to download Battleground Mobile India APK has been released. Those who want to download the BGMI App they have to follow the various steps and the details for the same are given on this page.

The new version is now available on Google Play Store and it’s only 721 MB in shape. Since this is just an installation file, after installing it users will have to download the resource pack from the game itself. Also wonderful news is that players can import their items and old progress from the older version.

BGMI 1.5 Update Apk Download

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Normal Version APK (1GB): Click Here

Minified/compressed version of APK PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update (687MB): Click Here

Battleground Mobile India APK Download Link

Gamers can follow some simple steps to download Battleground Mobile India App APK file. They must first join the beta program of BGMI App.

pubg mobile india apk

To download the APK file, we have listed a few procedures on this page. We recommend users to follow each and every step carefully to download Early Access PUBG Mobile India APK file from play store itself.

As a first step, the user needs to visit the OpenBeta testing page of BGMI on the Play Store. If you can’t find this option on play store, you can simply click here.

After clicking on the above link, you will be taken to the Play Store page where it will ask for your consent to join the Early Access of Battleground Mobile India.

There you will see a page like the one shown in the image below. Some terms and conditions will be mentioned and also a button to leave the program will be available.

Battleground Mobile India consent

In the second option a download link is given as shown in the image above. You can simply click on that link and you will be taken to the Play Store page where the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK download button will be available.

Just click on install button and your BGMI setup file will start downloading.

How to Install Battleground Mobile India App Beta Version

Once the BGMI APK is downloaded and installed, you will see a button labeled “Play”.

bgmi play store

Your game will start loading and then it will ask for storage permission. Click on the “OK” button to allow PUBG to use the storage.

battleground mobile india ok button

Then it says “Allow Battlegrounds India to access photos and media on your device?” Will ask Click on the “Allow” button.

battleground mobile india image access

Now it will ask your permission to update game resources. Click on the “Update Button” and it will start creating the resource.

bgmi update button

Now Battleground Mobile India app download will start 618.2 MB Resource pack file on your mobile.

battleground mobile india app

Once the update is complete, the BGMI app will ask you to restart the app.

restart bgmi app

Now BGMI App will ask you to accept their Privacy Policy. Click on the Accept button.

BGMI Privacy Policy

Now you will be taken to the login page. Choose your preferred method to login to the game.

bgmi login screen

Click on login and accept the terms. You will reach the login page then click on continue.

Login and accept the BGMI Terms

You are now successfully logged in to the Battlegrounds Mobile India App.

Now your resource pack is downloaded and you can start downloading different maps which are available in different game modes like (Classic/Arena/Arcade etc.).

Now you are all set to play the Indian version of PUBG Mobile on your phone.

Download Battleground Mobile India APK+ OBB File

You can also download BGMI APK + OBB from external sources. We have provided links to download Battlegrounds Mobile India APK+OBB file on this page. If you are not able to find this app in play store then you can easily download the app from these links.

bgmi download link 1

bgmi download link 2

Download Battleground Mobile India APK: Click Here

Download Battleground Mobile India APK For Android 9 Devices: Click Here

Battleground Mobile India OBB for Android 9 Devices: Click Here

We hope that we have provided you with valuable information on how you can download and install Battleground Mobile India Beta Version on your device. We have also provided you the direct download links for the apk and obb files.

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