Badminton Ranking 2023 Top 10 Men’s & Women’s Players & Record

Know badminton ranking 2023, top 10 male and female players and records

World Badminton Ranking is considered according to the past matches which are played by a specific set of players (men and women). The Badminton World Federation lists the rankings of players participating in games, trophies or championships.

In this article, we have put down the Badminton Ranking 2023 so that you can know about the best male and female players who have excelled in the game of Badminton.

badminton ranking 2023

Badminton is a two or more sport in which rackets and shuttles are used. The team or person who scores more points is called the winner of the game. There is a trap in the middle which helps the players to score well.

badminton ranking

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the Badminton Ranking 2023. There are many players around the world who give their best performance in a match, championship etc. Thus, they are ranked according to their skill, talent and performance. ,

The player whose name we are constantly hearing is Viktor Axelsen. His nationality is Danish, he has won 468 matches and lost 140 in total.

Badminton rules that every player should consider

For the information of the players, here we are discussing some important badminton rules.

rule number Rule
1 Toss: The team or player winning the toss gets to choose the side of the court.
2 net rule: Players are not allowed to touch the net of the badminton court
3 Gaming Equipment: No player should bring his own racket or shuttle into the match
4 Scoring: If the shuttle touches the net, the player or team loses one point.
5 serve: it should be slanted
6 Court Lines: A player must avoid contact with the court lines until the other player has completed the serve.
7 Extra Score: After winning a rally, one point is added to the total score.
8 Shortcoming: When the shuttle hits the ceiling, it is counted as a “fault”.
9 Number: A player gets a point when the opponent commits a fault or is unable to hit the shuttle.
10 Shuttle Hit: Players must note that the shuttlecock must be hit only after coming over the net in their special area.

As you can see above, these are some of the rules that the players are required to follow during the match.

top 10 badminton players in the world

Here is the list of top worldwide players of the game

badminton player name Country
lin dan China
taufiq Indonesia
Gao Ling China
lee chong malaysia
Tony Indonesia
Rudy Harnoto Indonesia
lin lingwei China
morton frost Denmark
han China
peter Denmark

These were the players who achieved an amazing worldwide ranking in the game of badminton.

Top 10 Indian Male Badminton Players

Lakshya is one of the topmost Indian badminton players in singles category. The player is 21 years old from Uttarakhand (Mahadev Bhoomi) with superb gaming skills.

indian badminton player name City State
Lakshya Sen Uttarakhand
courtship Delhi
srikanth Not available
Mithun Manjunath Bangalore
Sameer Gush
Ms. Kiran Kerala
Priyanshu R Not available
Sai Praneeth Hyderabad
Miraba Luwang Maisonam Manipur
Parupalli Kashyap Hyderabad

Top 10 Indian Women Badminton Players

It is not that only men are taking up sports in India, there are women sportspersons of matchless strength too!

Indian Badminton Player Name (Female) City State Rank (in the world)
PV Sindhu Hyderabad 6
Saina Hyderabad 33
tasneem Gujarat 72
Malvika Bansod Maharashtra 39
Ashmita Assam 57
Aakarshi Kashyap Chattisgarh 44
Tanya Not available 64
Anupama Upadhyay Bangalore 53
Ira Sharma Not available 66
Samia Imad Hyderabad 65

Now, we will share the list of male and female players.

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badminton ranking top 10 male and female players and records

In conclusion, here is the list of players who have broken the world record in badminton

Match (Singles, Doubles, Mix) player name
men’s singles Victor Axelsen
male couple Fajr Alfian
female couple jia yi
mixed doubles huang ya
women’s singles Akane
men’s doubles M Ryan Ardianto
mixed doubles zheng si

This ranking is according to the world.

Men's Singles Ranking

Women’s Singles Ranking

Women's Singles Ranking

Men’s Doubles Ranking

Men's Doubles Ranking

Women’s Doubles Ranking

Women's Doubles Ranking

Mixed Doubles Ranking

Mixed Doubles Ranking

Now, we will discuss about Indian badminton players

  1. Nandu Natekar
  2. Parupalli Kashyap
  3. Shrikant Kidambi
  4. Ashwini Ponnappa
  5. Jwala Gutta
  6. Aparna
  7. Lakshya Sen
  8. PV Sindhu
  9. Prakash Padukone
  10. Saina Nehwal

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