1899 Series Cancelled, Reason, No Next Season, News

Has the 1899 series been cancelled? Find out the reason, no next season and news from this article.

The message of Prometheus is explained in detail in the 1899 series Passengers. But the sad part is that the 1899 series has been canceled for the upcoming part. Read further to know the necessary information.

1899 series canceled

Netflix is ​​popular on top platform which has many original series and others according to the interest of the people. 1899 is a mystery thriller which has gained many fans with its initial season. The makers had planned for 3 seasons back to back but they ultimately failed.

1899 series canceled

1899 has the same creators as Netflix’s dark series (Jantje and Baran bo Odar). Jantje Fries and Baran bo Odar announce the sad news to the audience that there will be no next season for 1899. Both announced this news on 02/01/2023.

What is the reason for cancellation of 1899 series?

Before telling you the reason for this, let us introduce you to the story of 1899. It is about a neurologist (female) who explores new ways and conditions of life on a voyage to the UK in a ship.

Maura (doctor-neurologist) played by Emily Beecham was from the first class on the ship searching for her brother on the Prometheus ship. This story is set in 1899 in England. At that time people did not like to keep women in high profile like doctors. But Moura described it as the most difficult way to get into the practice.

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Apart from medicine, he was also interested in the origin, nature and lifecycle of life. Thus, she finds the other living being, the Prometheus, on a different ship. Meanwhile on her journey to the destination, she loses her brother and desperately tries to find him.

Later, Maura gets involved in different aspects like helping other people for medicinal issues and many more. 1899 also discusses the stories of various individuals and hence it almost complicates the audience of a track.

The series was canceled due to the reason that the series is complex to be understood by the viewers. There are many scenes which are confusing the people on the real story. However, the makers tried to explain that it is a mystery story and all its parts are interconnected. Still, the makers of DARK didn’t get another chance to go ahead with the film.

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Netflix executives said that we want viewers to get knowledge, entertainment and awareness and not something that complicates things in their lives. People watch Netflix for entertainment and only those unique stories or web series are shared on the platform. Therefore, 1899 cannot be played on further platforms!

1899 series insta post

The picture above shows Baranbuder’s Instagram post saying that the producers are really disappointed with the decision made by Netflix executives. They have many more events planned for Seasons 2 and 3 but unfortunately, 1899 will not be shown anymore. He is happy with the journey so far but had to accept the bitter truth.

The next season of the 1899 series No!

The viewers were eagerly waiting for the very new season of 1899. But according to the information received recently, the new season is not coming. There were 8 episodes in which the journey of 1899 was covered by the creators. And now it cannot be taken any further.

1899 Series Lucas Tweet

This is the worst experience creators have ever had! According to the tweet shared above, Lucas seems to be deeply saddened by the decision. Any new season of 1899 would certainly not have been a loss to the makers and the team as a whole.

1899 News

According to the media, Netflix is ​​going to suffer as the seasons are already planned. But the makers say that it is life that is very unpredictable. They may have ended the series opposite “Dark,” but we’ll have to accept whatever the scenario is.

60 million was invested in 1899 and now it is all going to waste due to the unclear story of the series.

For Netflix, the total number of hours viewed on a particular series is important. Officials said that by 1899, viewing hours were decreasing which would directly affect business. He added that, unlike Wednesday, we need more and better feedback from our viewers.

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